Miao’s First Day in Singapore.

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We finally reached Link Hotel in Singapore!


O.o The Sea of Bloggers.

I think I see someone trying to open her eyes there and another fella picking his nose. Hahahaha.

Upon reaching the place, a blogger came up and asked me whether I’m akiraceo..

What a funny girl ^^

So am I chio? (pretty/hot)



After a long wait, all of us managed to check in to our rooms.

This is basically how the room looks like.

That’s my bed next to the window which is right in front of the TV. 😀 Purrrfect!

A view from the another corner of the room. And that’s my Lappy wife on the table.

If you look properly, you can actually notice I’m using my Miao wallpaper too. 😀

I ensure you that you don’t wanna know what is in there. XD Hahaha



Being a foreign finalist for the blog award, I’m not allowed to bring guest along with me.

Which eventually means I have the whole room for myself!!!




But when at night….




Luckily nothing happened…




or maybe something did happened.

Jeng Jeng Jeng!!

Comments 35

  1. boo!! haha.. sounds creepy when you were actually sleeping alone in a hotel room eh? anyway,,, happy halloween meow! =D

    Happy Halloween!!! Jeng jeng jeng!!

  2. hahaha miao actually have 2 roommate in his hotel room.. and both of them is running around, jumping, playing and sleeping on the bed beside miao’s =P hahaha Happy Halloween miao =D

    You mean wafu and pafu?
    They didn’t follow this time..
    Something to do up there so didnt join me 😛

  3. awww, you should summon wafu pafu to there since they are souls…and they cant be seen by anyone except those ppl with sixth sense =D

    happy halloween to you! btw do u gonna wear halloween costume tomorrow? XD

    I did.. and they left the answering machine on..
    bloody hamsters..

    Hahaha happy Halloween to you too!!
    Not wearing anything as I am a Halloween costume on its own:P

  4. eh i tot got ppl went over ur room n stayed overnight?

    sent u our pic taken in flyer. dapat hor? 😀

    Hmm they all came over ar..
    Yup got the photos!! Thanks ^^

  5. “Not wearing anything as I am a Halloween costume on its own:P”


    LOL no lar!! hahaha I mean I looked like a halloween costume d

  6. How exactly do you pronounce akiraceo btw? (~_~)>

    And I love the second last picture! I didn’t know Miao’s limbs long enough to fold like that~ Wahahahaha~

    a-ki-ra-kyo / a-ki-ra-kio. 😀
    Its not English , its not Japanese. Its my nick LOL

  7. U should tag me along! I pay my own transport and u share ur other bed for me lar! lolz!!

    I didn’t know I having 2 beds in my room and I’m not sharing with anyone until I was there 🙁

  8. Hey, faster check if you’ve lost IT… lol…
    They said, which i never do, if there’s vacant bed, gonna make it as messy as possible… jeng jeng!

    Lost what?? O.o

    I put my bag on it.. tho 😛

  9. it will the best thing ever happen to me if have such comfort hotel room and alone.. i’m suing miao wallpaper too.. 😀

    Hahah but if there’s an accompany would be nice too..

    I’m using exclusive 1 kekeke.. non-release version 1

  10. chio chio~ lol
    hahaha pretty lonely huh ? you should hugged your lappy wife to bed then 😛

    Kinda hahaha..
    Some more I woke up very early..
    and started to bug people with my calls LOL

  11. super cute pictures! 😀 but maybe u can try saving them in .png file because it will reduce the noise(those small particles around the fonts and all) – better quality! 😀 God bless 🙂

    PNG file is larger.
    So I use Jpeg and minimized the size by reducing the image quality.

    A bit of quality lose is better than slow loading in my opinion 😛

  12. wow ! is really a nice trip.
    have a own room is only siok in the morning and afternoon.
    but when it comes at night , creepy and tv is the only voice .


    Jeng Jeng Jeng!!
    but I turned off the TV at night LOL
    so there’s no sound at all XD

  13. “and Creepy too, especially when there are two beds in the room……. Jeng, Jeng, Jeng” hahaha.. What a great statement! 5 star

    Hahaha thanks ^^”

  14. Hahahah, so that’s how I look cartoonized! Omg, can I steal it? Now I know how to pronounce your nick, Akira-kyo! Sorry :l

    I love your drawings, they’re always so funny. It made LORL (Laugh Out REALLY Loud).

    Yooo Zoeeeeeee Yvee~~~~~~
    Sure sure.. you can steal the pic 😀
    If you want a better one without the cat, I can remove it too.

    Hahaha its okay! The way you called it as Achira-chio is funny. Ken kept on laughing about this XD.

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