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chiu chiu chiu in SG




chiu chiu chiu in SG-1

The other day in Singapore, we found out that Singapore has the cutest Traffic Light ever!!

The Pedestrian Traffic lights went “Chiuuu Chiuu Chiuuu…” whenever the pedestrian green indicator is light up. The Chiuu chiuu sounds exactly like the sound of laser from a sci fiction movie.

Every time  we crossed the road, it feels like someone is shooting lasers at us…  “Chiuuu Chiuuuu..” So cute can! 😀

chiu chiu war

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  1. lol i better becareful when I go singapore next time! dowan get chiu chiu chiu from traffic light! i think should bring miao go there to play chiu chiu chiu again 😛

    Remember to wear your laser proof vest 😀

  2. Hi Miao,

    LOL!! U r damn funny. I’m from sg. I think the sound is for the blind ppl 2 cross the road so that they know when to cross and hurry/stop and wait for next round if left 5 secs to cross.

    Next time I cross the road, i might think of laser beams shooting me… XD

    Miao’s fansee

    Its hard also as the sound never goes faster when the green light is going to turn red.
    The tempo is the same all the way @@

  3. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTEEEEE! 😀 I got one line for my eyes! xD
    Last pic, Yatz’s specs kena Chiu Chiuu’d already? xD

    Wahahaha Really kena chiuu..
    I totally forgot about that hahaha

  4. miao!!! hahaha…kuching should have those chiu chiu chiuu too, sho cute, can? but i think i’ll end up standing near the traffic light and giggling by myself >.<
    But Kuching people hardly use the pedestrian crossing ler XD

  5. Yea..I think the sound is for the visually impaired pedestrians.
    They have it in Australia as well.

    Hahaha i think every pedestrian crossing makes sounds, just this 1 cuter 😀

  6. ahhh, miao traffic light pun beri ilham kepada you..
    traffic light di melaka ada timer kan. countdown 3 .. 2.. 1 … and goooo!!

    Hahah ya but some of them don’t have sensor 1. >.<

  7. Lol, when I saw the title I thought it was something gotta do with kissing 😛 But still, fun with traffic lights= win! Anyways, who’s the other 2 girls in the comic?

    Hoooo.. you have a naughty mind eh hehehe
    Hahah you will know in my SG trip post later ^^

  8. haha.. i oso went to Spore b4 n experienced this quite a number or times.. I find it cute but lol.. I always thought of like.. what if I’m blind.. and suddenly when I cross there’s no more that ‘chiu chiu’ sound.. ~.~” coz the tune won’t get faster or slower even when they say there’s about 5 more secs to cross.. hmm ~

    True! The tune won’t get faster 1.. it just stopped.
    But it’s Singapore! no worries, the car will stopped for them to pass.

  9. CHIU..CHIU…CHIU!!! lol.. omg the sound is going on in my mind when i read this.. 4 of us were in d CHIU CHIU war zone in singapore! lol..

    XD i see me with my shades! 🙂

    Hahaha Chiuu chiuu…
    I remembered we all went O.o when we first heard it hahaha

  10. Hahahaha…. Chiu chiu… play laser shooting with the traffic lights?
    You are creative eh… The inspiration must be coming from a lot of comic readings… HAHAHA…. Can’t stop laughing… XD

    Hahah I’m not that creative..
    The idea came from my 3 war-mates hahahaha XD

  11. hahaha love this post. you got a nice and cute imagination. I’m from SG and traffic like Chiu3x will never be the same again. haha

    Hahaha.. now it will be a warzone XD

  12. In Australia, I encounter one that goes “CHIU!!! Toot toot toot toot….”
    First time I heard it I ducked down and looked everywhere to trace the sound. But everyone look at me like I gila. Haih…

    Wahahah you also dodged xD

  13. haa… your blog is so cute and funny. Love your blog.

    i’m socurious, where is the traffic that makes the noise, maybe I should pay a visit and make myself more singaporean. haa..

    Its around maxwell food court ^^

  14. It’s the same noise in Australia I think. What I found intriguing was that I recognise that sound as a sample in an acid/techno tune that was popular around 1994…

    Woahh.. its an honor to have you commenting my blog ^^

    Hahaha maybe one day you will see people dancing under the traffic light 😀

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