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KFC Happy Morning

KFC Happy Morning-1

KFC am twister

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Yep! There’s a contest in town!!  In conjunction with KFC’s latest breakfast meals, this time KFC is giving out a brand new MacBook Pro as a grand prize and IPhone 3GS as weekly prize in its latest KFC Happy Morning contest.

Its so easy to participate!! Just follow these 3 simple steps:
1. Take a photo of you or with a group of more than 2 people with any KFC Breakfast Meals(s).
2. Submit your entry here or MMS your name, NRIC and photo to entry@happymornings.com.my
3. Collect points to win!
·    Individual Photo: 10 Points
·    Group Photo: 20 Points
·    Collect as many points as possible to win!
You may submit multiple entries. But make sure not to have duplicates or a similar picture taken from a different angle.

In other words, just buy a KFC breakfast set and cam-whore with it.

The contest period is from 29th Sept 2009 to 23rd Nov 2009.

For more information, please visit http://www.kfc.com.my/happymornings/. You can even check out other peoples entries.

KFC Happy Morning-3

By the way, do remember to include yourself in the photo!!

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  1. first……….aww you forgot to include yourself in the photo, will you do another one??

    See whether I have the time or not hehe

  2. Wow!Iphone 3GS!too bad i can’t take part in the competition….I’m at school

    Haha nevermind, Saturday still can join.

  3. hello.

    what do you mean by “a similar picture taken from a different angle.”

    have to buy many sets is it? or one set take from many angles? I am confused sorry.

    just buy one set and take from many locations instead of just one single location with different angles.
    You can check out the previous winners. They camwhored around the KFC area. 😛

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