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  1. each part of ur body hair consist differ quality hair. using differ shampoo in wrong part may cause ur skin too dry or sensitive. don try next time. hehe…

    No wonder cannot apply everywhere

  2. huh?! i don’t have arm hair as well..but i believe our body have diff pH from our head…if u use same shampoo to ur body afraid u can get rashes..huhu so my miow won’t look cute nmore 🙁

    Omg rashes >.< that's scary

  3. I honestly thought of that before, but miao ah miao, armpit hair also hair… and ‘somewhere over the rainbow’ down there also got hair hor.

    are u gonna use it there too?! O.O

    Can try but hopefully I won’t get any rashes from it >.<

  4. LOL!!!
    unless ur using the Johnson & Johnson All in One shampoo (for kids) i guess there’s no harm using it for ur arm..hehehe.

    *at first,i still thought u drop hair. ><" Reply: Oh ya! But why they didn't came out with one for adults? 😛 LOL why everyone thought I have hair lose.. could be my bad drawing 🙁

  5. If you’re a cat, which you are, and your body is covered with hair,
    it’s perfectly OK to use hair shampoo on your whole body.
    If you’re human’ and you run out of soap, it’s perfectly OK to use shampoo as as soap substitute on your whole body.
    You are using the word CAMWHORE in the wrong context.
    Take off all your clothes, if you’re the shy type you can leave your underpants on, look like a whore the best you can.
    Lock yourself in the bathroom, take photos of yourself, via the bathroom mirror, the sexier the better….. that’s camwhoreing.
    Add to blog.
    darling belle

    Woah thanks lot for the explanation..^^
    Hehehe way different from the meaning I had in mind all this while.

  6. hahaha cute!

    i think should be not problem gua…

    only the commecial company want to earn more money then create a lot of different shampoo gua

    Hahaha probably 😛

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  8. lol… i thought shampoo cost more than bath gels? actually not save cost anymore =P hahahaha. unless u use the top to toe wash hehehe which it usually use for kids (dont care… nice smell what that top to toe wash XD )

    Hahaha I never use that before, but it sounds convenient

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