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MiMi Snack




MiMi brings back memories

Anyone remember these snacks? MiMi and Tam Tam. I actually grew up with these snacks. And it been ages since I last have a pack of these. When my colleague gave me some to eat, it really bring back memories…




bring back memories…..




MiMi Snack-1

MiMi Snack-2

Okay, some memories are better to left alone.

But it really feels good to eating back my childhood snack 😀

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  1. Yeah, I like mimi also, very nice ^_^
    Eh, how come your memories.. you let people punch you before?
    Then ride the bicycle down the road and to big drain?
    And let bees sting you before also?

    Hahha where got people let other people punch 1..
    It’s a fight among kids..
    Then accident..

  2. I suggest you take up the hamster so that you won’t miss Wafu and Pafu too dearly 🙂 LOL, I wonder which snack give me good or bad memories!! Should head to the supermarket now and check out 😛

    Nah.. not interested to keep them.

  3. lol talking about mimi, i was addicted wif it lately
    one shot finished 5small packet of mimi
    n 5small packet of double decker prawn

    i am now under guilty LOL

    very guilty!!!
    Because you didn’t share 🙁

  4. I used to like Tam Tam very much. Back to the primary school time. 😀
    But where to get it now? @__@

    Hahaha and Lee Fah Mee!!! 😀
    Remember that?

    I think Jusco have them (Tam Tam) in one big pack

  5. Haha i also used to like eating them b4…

    but how come it bring u the memories like that? >.<" i cant see any relationship 😀 Reply:
    Hahaha eating something from my childhood brings back memories of what i did in childhood..

  6. Some of those snacks still sold at Giant I think. And some old shop still have it 😉 I rike. I remember when I was younger, we have this mini van that goes around the neighbourhood. Those were the days. Erk but then again, in that neighbourhood also got 1 urang gila @_@”” kowaii desu.

    Yaya, I still remember there’s this van will honked around the neighborhood and sells buns, snacks and drinks. My dog always howled with it hahaha

  7. mimi used to be popular back in the days !! hehehhehe… me likey mimi more than tam tam… xD
    hahhaha its true that some memories should be left forgotten… esp the memalukan ones.. 🙂

    Yeah, back then.. there’re not as many snacks as nowadays and back then a pack of this cost only 10 cents. With RM1, we can get 10 of them.. and that’s paradise.

  8. Yea yea… I agred those snacks are really good. I always eat with family when watching TV. We can finish one whole big pack like the 30 packs in one during one night. hahaha…

    Why your memories are like that?

    Hahaha last time, we buy like 10 small packs with a ringgit. Then finish them in a go hahaah

    Hmm…I thought every kid experience these, no?

  9. mimi~~
    i remember i always save up my money for this~ hehe~
    sometimes even beg my mom to buy me some~ haha

    Hahaha I remembered I cycling, skating and walking a long way to the nearby grocery shop to buy it.

  10. yea i miss that snacks too… last time it cost 10 cent each… huhuhu i remember there’s more snacks that consider ‘rare’ now… and i remember i use to buy this blue box of chocolate coated biscuits(cant remember the name =.=)which give free toys in it =P

    yayaya I remembered those.
    Its called Ding Dong if not mistaken, the one with doraemon.
    and there’s Toro with a white box and a pencil looking thingy .

    And the most expensive is JoJo.

  11. omg..those two snacks….i miss them a lot. recently i terjumpa them but hor…the quantity is getting smaller and smaller..less joy 🙁 byk angin jer…

    Yealo.. sigh…
    Nowadays 10cents can’t get anything decent T__T

  12. hm…..near my uni, there’s a shop that sells these things in bulk…i usually buy a lot…more than 1 week supply for less than RM10 XD

    RM10 is like 100 packs of them @@

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