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  1. 1st? Ohkay..miao, kuching (eh no…i live in bau) also raining every morning and evening. very cooling, perfect condition to sleep sumore 🙂

    Hahaha but hopefully won’t flood again >.<

  2. Yea, same here. Doesn’t help when you reach home at 12-1am and have to wake up latest 7am lol. And its always super hot during weekends!

    Say, where did your fish hat go?

    Hahaha I also forgot about my fish cap XD

  3. my area is also like that. I use to get up at 4am but because of the weather, I wake up at 7am… feel like sleeping 24/7…ish ish~

    That’s 3 hours apart @@

  4. lol i wish i dont have to wake up early and go to work too =.=… huhuhuhu anyway applied 4 days leave and going back to KK XD hehehehe weee~~ karaoke and sushi all tha way~! XD muahahahahahaha

    wahhh so nice.. I want too T____T

  5. waking up on a rainy morning is a pain in da butt…but im used to it already…le sigh this is life… 🙁

    It’s there anything we can do to change it?

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