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  1. hahaa…dream is always the best XD….. which cant be resisted after all @.@

    yayaya, both of wafupafu is in this post XD kinda miss them…hehe

    Miss them too 🙁
    Feel so lonely lately hahaha XD

  2. XD I even have that kind of dream during SPM sejarah paper. Which is just not long ago.

    Hahaha about exercise or having test

  3. hahahaha… I thought I was the only one. Isually, the day before I decided to go, I will imagine myself to be like so semangat when I exercise… LOL.
    Then the next day, either I’m super malas to go… or like run one round then half-dead already. LOL.

    Same thing lor hahahaha
    XD Planned everything but the next day lazy d hahaha

  4. miao berat burit.. haha
    esok balik melaka.. yeah. harap dapat jumpa miao kalau saya jalan di mahkota, melaka central atau MCC. miao jgn lari aaaa..

    Susah lur.. I jarang go out 1. 😛

  5. hahaha… i like dreaming too… in dream everythings looking and sound good… hahaha… what software do you use to draw your draq/picture/graphic….?

    Yealo.. dreaming is nice~~
    I love to dream a lot 😛

    Oyah I’m using Adobe Fireworks

  6. hahah this happens to me like everytime i say i want to exercise.. 😀
    like, is either i cant wake up… or i wake up and tell myself sleep is better hahaha xD

    Wahahahahaha the will to exercise is too weak XD

  7. Lol, maybe if put a mice in front of you then you might have some exercise done. Hehe. Your a cat ma. BTW, watched 2012 d?

    If you put sushi , I think it will works even better hahaha

    I haven’t watch yet.. 😛

  8. I always prepare my running shoes and shorts the night before…but nvr seems to gave the urge to run the next morning lol^^

    Hahaha next time wear them to sleep XD

  9. I usually dreamt that I get up and do preparation.

    That’s like me having a dream if me waking up from sleep while I’m actually still sleeping haha

  10. same goes here.. Nowadays evening always rain.. SO keep thinking wanna wake up early exercise.. But the bed is just too comfort.. 🙁

    Very comfortable indeed…
    Now I already feel like jump into my bed @@

  11. haha so funny! Wafu and Pafu, one is devil one is angel. So cute!

    Hahaha thank you 😀
    Now they are easier to differentiate too beside the pile of hair on Wafu’s head hahaha

  12. Hahaha yea everyone rather exercise in da dreamy land! LOL U better start exercise or your gf will have a new “pillow” to hug lo! BTW 2012 Is great! 😀

    Nah.. I don’t have a GF.. so I don’t really care Wahahahahha XD

  13. hahahaha same here… last time i used to walk in the park with my mom… but after i’ve been transfer to putrajaya… no more go exercise like that… my exercise now is to walk 200m from the bus stop to the office every morning and 200m from the office to bus stop after work =P …i guess that really works for me… i manage to loose 5kg after 2 month… ._.

    Woah 400m a day.. not bad what..
    All I did is walk to the toilet and back to my seat again.. which is not more than 100m i think LOL

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