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  1. Ah.. haha.. ya, and also don’t park under the electric pole and the wire along it also, birds also like to stand there and ‘pang sai’. Sigh.. my car always get the bird shits.. even when not near the pole or tree also T_T

    Lol.. they love your car 😛

  2. hahahaha!!! on the wiper and wipe the windshield straight, don’t need wash car… hahaha!!! why didn’t buy 4D? bird shit = lucky…

    Noooo.. never ever on the wiper!!!
    It will become worser.

  3. Haha, same thing happened to me at USJ (Asia Cafe), the parking row opposite of McDonald, nice shade plenty of car park, but upon leaving, OMFG!! WTF!! %$^&%@#*!! Had to go for a car wash liao.

    Hahaha…shady place is not a good place to park XD

  4. you were considered lucky~ My friend’s car was hit by a coconut and the mirror was broken throughoutly.

    O.o!! Why he parked under the coconut tree?

  5. Even though with the risk of getting shits out of the birds, I still prefer to park under the three since the weather is so so effing hot! You know la I can’t stand hot one haha..

    Hahaha prefer to get pooed eh?

  6. hahahaha ur car must be white or gray in colour isit? =P anyway if u want to park under the tree… make sure there is no bird shit on the ground before u park ur car there =) that’s the way to avoid ur car to be the no.1 bird toilet of the day lol. =P

    haha it’s white ^^

    Hahaha clever suggestion ^^

  7. Shit is gold! You must be lucky cause’ the bird choose your car instead of other car. Abit troublesome but luck is around the corner!

    Hahaah you want some? I have some with me

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