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  1. LOL, why do the dirt job yourself when you can pay other :D. But I also love to take my ‘darling’ to the car wash. They wash it better than me.

    Sometimes they will miss out those hidden areas..

  2. haha..that’s why lah got car wash business around us. if they hate you, no hal lah…it’s not that u’r not paying them to wash ur car, right?

    It’s still okay I guess, since I always visit them

  3. eeeee… kesian the guy who have to wash the car.. but i will also do that if the car is full of shit hehehe.. too yucky for me to wash myself xD

    I also think so..
    That’s why I ran away after I gave them my car lol

  4. condo? haha same for me. if only there’s a pipe at the car park i’ll surely wash the car myself but since there’s none so erm snow car wash! XD

    Do you have any roof for your car?

  5. gah…i hav no strength to wash my car, love to bring it there, but wan save $$, so…washed it as an exercise!

    but it’s worth if there are a lot of Poo! hahaha~

    Come I give you more exercise hehe

  6. good la you…so smart…leave it to other people to do your “dirty job”…tsk tsk tsk…XD

    oh,ya, i was juz kiddin abt turning on the wiper to wipe the bird shit leh{previous post}…haiyuuu~~ >.< Reply:
    Ouu hahaha paiseh 😛

  7. LOL! U paid ONLY RM 8 for cleaning up those sh*t !Those workers are gonna kill u! haha

    Yeah ^^” Standard price .. they didn’t mention anything bout extra charge for extra ‘dirts’ 😛

  8. Hahahaha!! XD My mom does the same thing! She’ll just dump it to them while she goes around shopping. Hahaha. Some times I pity them (not XD).

    You’re a meanie too!! haha

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