Silly Miao and his Biscuit

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Miao eat Biscuit

Miao eat biscuit-1

The other day, my colleague was very nice, she gave me a pack of almond biscuit. As I never had an almond biscuit before…I think, I personally find the taste very different from any other biscuit I had before. It was bitter with a sting of sourness in it. It tasted nothing like the almond in those Chocolate bars.

And to my notice…

Miao eat Biscuit-2

the biscuit already spoiled.

The worst part is…





Miao eat biscuit-3

I already ate half of Β the biscuit before I found out it was spoiled…. 😐

P/S: And again I’m sorry for my grammar. Please kindly correct me πŸ™‚

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  1. are you ok after eating that? If after 3-4 hours still nothing happen, then you are safe πŸ™‚

    Hahaha me and my strong digest system.. nothing can harm me wakakakaka xD
    *touch wood*

  2. hahaha! its okay lah..not like you eat lotsa them

    Yeah.. if I didn’t speak out.. I think I will finish the whole biscuit without realizing it hahaha

  3. Ooohh… 0.0 Hopefully you don’t get a stomachache or food poisoning. =3= I once had this mushroom nasi goreng. It was something I ALWAYS ate at that restaurant but that day, I thought the mushrooms tasted very weird. I kept thinking and mentioning as I ate wif my friends, but no one thought anything. Then a friend tried it and said… “Reyo, the mushroom bad d larr.” =P= I already ate half the plate! Yup… don’t worry, you’re not the only one.

    😐 Half plate is like a lot… @@

  4. how long it has been expired? XD later u will grow a lot of mushrooms on ur body hehehe, then should b called mushroom miao hehe

    Haven’t expired just that pack happened to be spoiled.
    Lol.. later I can opened a factory and produce my own Campbell mushroom soups XD

  5. lol it happened to me when i was a kid. ate the dried grapes which gt “kulat” on them and thot it was the new flavour…

    Lol new flavor grapes..
    How did it tasted like?

  6. that’s a weird taste, sour and bitter…

    did you drink lotsa water after that to wash them out?? and i don’t think miao is silly in this case, just a bit bad luck..

    Silly lor.. very..
    Spoiled, I also don’t know

  7. hahaha… half oni, ntg one gua…. if sick can take mc and skip work leh xD

    Wahh don’t want ler.. I’m afraid of skipping work..
    There gonna be so much to follow up when I’m back later

  8. Your colleagues are so bad. Only feed you with spoiled biscuits. XD

    No lar.. she also didn’t know.. she gave everyone..

  9. Yau mou kau chor ah!! LOL If I taste something weird I stopped right away coz I can’t stand wierd sour taste and will puke wan πŸ˜›

    Hehehe told you I’m silly d

  10. i really love your blogspot. Read finish this website in just 3 days, while i am having my SPM XD. The older blog i just read half lol.
    Sorry, but what software u used to draw ur comic?

    Anyway take care, and i dont think grammar is a problem to u, most important is that u are able to conduct the message to others
    I bet next time u will sniff it first b4 u take in food given by ur colleagues xD
    Sniff like a cat!

    Woahh thanks for reading all of them..
    Aiks! my old site is not interesting 1.. better stay away hahaha XD

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