Quiz: What is Miao’s Response?

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Come let’s play a quiz today and see how much you understand Miao. ^^

The answer will be revealed in my next post.



Here’s the scenario which continues from the previous post:

Big mouth Colleague



Big mouth colleague -1

*Cries* My colleague who gave me snacks in the previous post was such a meanie!!! T__T sob sob. She told my senior that I secretly ate some snacks and didn’t want to share with her which is so not true. Okay, I did eat some snacks but that’s all, the rest are so not true.  Sob sob… My colleague is bullying me.




So the question is “What is Miao’s Response” after it?


Pretend don’t know?

Pointed to the sky and Miao ran away when the senior looked away?

Changed topic?

Knocked the senior out with a Karate chop on the neck?

Or anything you can think of.


Be my guest and guess. ^^

Comments 45

  1. Say you’re sorry that you forgot to ask her along, but explain that the part about ‘don’t want to share it with you’ is totally wrong… >_<
    Or laugh nervously and change topic… XD

  2. Waa… Your colleage so bad… XD
    I’m guessing you’ll say….. “It’s not my fault, the stuff my mouth with so much snacks that I couldn’t even say a word.” or ” I was about to tell you after giving you the data.” XD
    Anyway, what is your job? *Curios*

  3. hmmm….i think you will say, ‘well is bcoz all those snacks is fattening so for ur own good. I help you ate all. Since you so pretty kan.’ LOL!

    BTW, that’s wat i’ll say if i’m in ur position.

  4. Possibilities:
    #1 “Where’s my chair???” (refer to pic #1)
    #2 “But of course~” and show >:) or 😉 face.
    #3 Peed on the spot.

    Anyway, you know what they say: there’s no such thing as ‘free’ snack.

  5. I think u will clarify with her and then karate chop chop the senior who bullied u… then u will bring up some snacks to ur another senior to proof its not true wakakaka ^_^

  6. …continued from the post…

    Miao : @.o …eh…heh…hehehe…HAHAHA…HAHAHA…ha…
    Senior : ???
    Miao : She is so funny hor? HAHAHA…I won’t…HAHA…like that one…haaa
    Senior : O.o
    Miao : =_____=”””””” *run awayyyyyyyyyyyyy and hide at the corner*

    {lunch time}

    Miao : Senior, I belanja you lunch… T______T
    Senior : =D

    {the end}

    #edited part#

    Miao : Senior, I belanja you lunch… T_____T
    Colleague : Feel guilty because you finish the snacks by yourself leh?
    Miao : …zzz…
    Senior : *kicks colleague in the !@$@%^$# and then %$#%$@$# and then %@#$!^$* =D

  7. ala cian..
    ur colleague was sure a meanie..
    if im in ur shoes, i will like, exploded to her/him or something.
    heh xD

    She was just fooling around with me…
    I know she means no harm 🙂

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