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  1. LOL!!!!!!! too funny la this time…

    and i think u’re senior actually believed that? LOL…….

    Hahaha who will actually believe that..
    She just playing along with me XD

  2. Hahahahhaa! ^O^ I knew you’d do something like that! Hahaha. Too bad I came in too late to leave a comment in the previous post. Keh. Whateve. So hilarious! Did she REALLY believe something like that? XD

    Hahah of course.. not..
    I doubt anyone will believe that

  3. HAHAHHAAHHA so funny la this post! love ur drawings! especially the last 3 drawings! AWESOME *thumbs up*

    Hahaha thanks 😀

  4. molested with food..
    good thinking 😀
    mybe i’ll use it as an excuse if i ate my friend’s lunch and point at someone else nearby me by telling she’s the one who told me to.

    Omg cannot cannot..
    must tell the truth

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