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  1. Erm…I think buy something that the person will have chance to use..
    I think that would be the best. Than buy those things he/she will get it but when they turn around put it aside.I think after a few Christmas they also forget

    True true..
    Hmm buy shampoos, toothpaste xD for sure got use 1

  2. usually I just chinchai buy (commonly-used practical stuff). You don’t need to buy it individually, you can buy a few “packages”, open it, and repack it yourself.

    Btw, worse come to worse, you can’t go wrong with pens.

    Hmm i doubt they need any pens…

  3. underwear or usually coffee mugs work just fine.

    definitely not photo frame, it is so out of fashion.

    Hahaha undies XD
    Can’t get those for my female friends hahaha

  4. Haha, for me ah, I would love to receive plushie (around pillow size) so can hug it lor, lol.
    Or practical wise is book on craft (felt) hehehehe

    Hahaha obviously you’re a hugger ^^

  5. I know exactly what you mean! It doesn’t help when you’ve got only RM200 to buy for about 9 people! @.@ The best (to me) is something you get cheap but improve it yourself. Sadly not all my friends have the ‘artists touch’ ya know? Sigh… good luck finding your friends pressies. ^_^

    RM20 each lor 🙂
    Get something cheaper but meaningful 🙂
    Is the heart and attention that counts.. if they don’t like it because its cheap.. then sigh *shake head*

  6. i usually like to buy gifts that are personalised towards d person i’m buying for… like my bestie who’s a makeup fanatic, i search for things she doesn’t already have to add to her collection… 🙂
    bf is easy… he likes jerseys and climate-lite shirts so i jz get him those everytime… mom is a bit difficult… kinda running outta ideas… 😛

    This is very difficult. I have not been hanging out with my friends for quite some time.. They’re all staying in KL @@

  7. There was one Christmas that my friend suggested to exchange gifts, but the gifts must not be purposely bought. Just take some stuff from house and wrap it. End up we laughed so much when open the gifts and compare whose ‘gift’ is the cheapest. There was tissue packet, mamee snack, facial mask, toiletries sample pack etc. Guess we were a bunch of cheapskate students back then. Hahaha…

    That’s funny ^^ and interesting ler

  8. hoho~! i think i want something that can nvr be bought at any stores ^_^ something hand-made is the best loorr.. ^_^

    Chocolate cake and wantan! 😀 Those are the things that I only know to make XD hahahaa

  9. buy present for yourself? =.=”

    anyway if it’s me, i will drag my friend to buy..hahahaha i will formally annoucne what i wanna.. XD

    I’m stingy to myself XD
    Rather give people present than giving myself hahah

  10. I lurve your drawingz XD Kawaii de……. What program u use to draw?? Teach me Sensei !

    Hahaha thank you..
    Hmm I’m using Adobe Fireworks.
    Don’t call me Sensei, I’m not that level ^^”. hehe

  11. hmmm presents…. definitely no plushies for me… though i like it soooo much… but i think i got enough of it =.= making my room hot… huhuhu but still…. it’s hard to push them away~~ >..< Reply:
    now I should think twice before getting a plushie for people

  12. 4 more days to xmas. have you bought the presents? In my opinion, its the thought that counts, but just don’t buy things like photoframe (unless it is digital) or cup/mug.

    Won’t buy those hahaha XD
    3 more days to go @@
    I haven’t done yet gargh1!11!!

  13. heh.. if someone asked me what i want for a xmas present i’ll say a sony psp.. wahahaha..
    present for your buddies..
    try find some item that you could make it like a bragain or something.
    like, this packet have 10 items in it for rm10.

    or, just buy one of the items they want in their wishlist XD

    Their wishlist is very very hard to get…
    alll the stuffs on the list are so darn expensive XD

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