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  1. hahah terbalik la miao. but mine almost the same too, if tomorrow is a holiday then today i’ll be lazying around

    I’m a very messed up cat lol XD

  2. You are one weird cat, Miao. XD I’m just wondering how you manage to stay up so late past 12 when you’ve got work tomorrow. I can’t even past 2 without feeling like dying! LOL.

    Well thank you.. I like being weird wahahaha XD
    When you know tomorrow needs to work, automatically you don’t wish to sleep d 😀

  3. lol happy new year!! XD

    awal muharam = new year in muslim’s calender

    though am not muslim but i still enjoy coz it’s holidayyy!!! and YES!! CHRISTMAS SHOPPING!! XD WEEeee~~

    Same here!!
    Holiday is a holiday wakakaka

  4. I have the same habit too, so you are not alone. When holiday hits I usually sleep really early, but wake up really late. LOL

    Wahahaha I wake up at the same time.. 7 morning 8 morning @@

  5. u sleeping for a whole day? o.O what a lazy kitten….later u will bcum a FAT KITTEN..a new brand XD

    Not really but I did take a nap where I usually don’t hehehe

  6. hahah…I’m doing the same! Sleep late during school days and sleep early during holidays. But worst, wake up late for both XD Happy Holiday!!

    Happy holiday!!
    Gosh I’m so in holiday mood

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