Present Wrapping is hard.

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Wee I manage to buy most of the presents and now all I need to do is wrap them up.

present wrapping

present wrapping-2

When I thought buying present is hard, wrapping them up is not an easy thing to do either. @@

I should had ask the people there to wrap them up for me since I always sucks at handcrafting stuffs. Things like wrapping a present, making a box, soft toys or anything from scratch and even sewing is so freaky hard for me.

I feel more like bandaging a present instead of wrapping it. 😐

present wrapping-1

No matter how I wrap, it doesn’t seems like at all. LOL

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  1. HAHAHHA rice dumpling!! haha put ur gifts into boxes so they r easier to be wrapped 😉 OR… u can buy those nice nice fancy fancy gift paper bags/boxes ^^ all the best with wrapping oh Miao~

    I need to find a box @@
    small one.. not sure where to find them here

  2. ahaha i never wrap them myself, i always ask the girls at the counter to do it instead. they have better hands with it XP

    I bought the papers at a different place and didn’t have the presents with me

  3. that is like so hilarious… dumpling…

    yeah, normally its kinda hard for guys to do handicraft thingys, so don’t fret about it yeah… later when u get a gf (or did u have one too!?) then u don’t need to worry so much about present wrapping liao.

    Need to learn also..
    Can’t ask a gf wrapping her own present too right

  4. If it’s small, you can make those paper box (the square square one, just make one to be bigger than the other so that it coult be a lid).

    Or just make/buy paper bags out of paper and staple it!

    Paper box?
    no idea how to make those hahahaah

  5. Wrapping is definitely hard work… and then the kids just tear it off in pieces =_=lll
    Energy + money for the paper, wasted…
    But then their smiling faces make you happy also XD

    Yealo.. that’s why sometimes I think..
    there’s no point to wrap too pretty hahaah

  6. lol, wrap until so hard, do the easy way, if ur item not in boxes, wrap them up like sweet style, tie both end =p

    Not in a box wor..
    Trying to find a box to put the things in… tho

  7. Hahahaha. You should’ve done what I usually do. I suck at wrapping too so I just stuff the presents inside gifts bags that’re more or less the same side of the present I bought. ^^ People usually just tear off the wrapping anyway so I usually don’t bother. I always tell my friends to not bother wrapping my presents either. A waste of money really… ==

    Hahaha hmmm i think i shouldn’t use a box either.. wasting the resources..

  8. haha!! at least u were able to wrap a dumpling, it was WAY~~ harder than wrapping a box >_Reply:
    Hahaha… just gulung and balut ler XD

  9. hahahhaa… I agree.
    Wrapping your present as a dumpling is a skill that’s way harder… LOL.
    Funny. ^_^

    Hahaha I simply wrap 1

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