Miao’s Wife Cheated on him.

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Sob sob…I found a love mark on my wife’s rear bumper. The mark was quite deep with the paint coating coming off and exposing the inner black plastic part. Couldn’t do anything about it, spraying the whole bumper isn’t a good idea either.

Sigh…What an early Christmas present. T______T

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  1. oh dear… maybe wait till cny and get your ang pows before changing a brand new bumper?? i think your wife would love that ^__^

    new bumper will be very costly XD

  2. Hie Miao, I have the same incident, someone scratched on my 2 months old car.

    The scratch is about 4 inches long and the paint coating came off also.

    I told myself that people just jealous on the car I am driving, I forgive the guy who did that on my car.

    mine just half inch long.

  3. im so sorry to hear abt ur ‘wife’
    but it’s christmas time,dun let the bad mood get to you!^^
    cheer up~!

    I’m still good 🙂

  4. haha…….i thought when u hav a wife……
    put a plaster then can liao….

    Hahaha I have a lot of wives but none of them are alive XD

  5. Try to get the paint from those DIY shop and patch it yourself. Then use fine sand paper to smoothen the patching paint. Polish with those car polish for scratch. Try and see, the paint might not be as good as new, but it wouldn’t be so ugly, and it’s economic if you do it your self. Send to paint shop for patching also can, wouldn’t cost much, around 100 or less than that.

    Woah pro…
    Hmm will try and find those paint

  6. Aiyo miao you want your wife to talk, she also has no mouth to talk! XD Women are very secretive animals you know!

    Merry Christmas =D

    Oh ya Merry Christmas!! 😀

  7. Merry Christmas Eve, AkiraCHIO! ((:

    (1) Use duct tape
    (2) Use acrylic paint
    (3) Use plaster (T_T)

    Haha.. Aiyah. Give your wifey a second chance! =D

    Use handiplast XD

  8. haha ^_^ pity miao~!

    mebi because you’re cheating oso? and ur wife knew about it? ahahaha..

    Omg!! She found out?!!!
    Opps I mean.. I didn’t cheat!!

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