Red or Green?

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Actually, I planned to do a series of comic strip on my Christmas trip to KL but I changed my mind as I don’t think I can get it done in time.  🙁



I have a very bad memory and can’t really remember anything…

Since I’m preparing a couple of presents this year, I purposely use two different colors of wrapping papers to wrap the presents up so I won’t mess up the presents but yet I still messed them up.

It took me quite a while to sort them out.


Hopefully, I didn’t get it wrong…

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  1. yeah u should put a name on the present tho~
    ermmm… u bought bra as xmas present o?
    LOL wonder how do miao knw de size LOL

    The size.. either is one hand or two hands.. XD
    Joking wei..

  2. Hahahaha. ^^ I have this problem too. And it’s serious at times. Kekeke. So I usually DON’T wrap my presents, just pack ’em up in gift bags. But… even then I forget which present is for who sometimes! XD

    Hmm…I think I don’t pack the presents next time..

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