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Hehehe I have this strange habit to sleep early if the next day happens to be a holiday and stay as late as possible if tomorrow needs to work. XD

Anyway, Happy Holiday guys!!!! ^^


Getting Christmas Presents

buying present

buying present-1

buying present 2

The more I see the more I don’t know what to get for Christmas presents for my buddies.

Buying presents is hard. @@

If you’re getting a Christmas present, what would you love to get?


Answer to: What is Miao’s Response ?

This time, I confess and tell my senior the truth and nothing but the truth…

and it went like this…

the truth

the truth-1

the truth-2

the truth-3

the truth-4

Hahahaa…Okay, I lied.

Some more with a very very very FAKE and LAME made up story.. XD

And my senior…

the truth-5

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