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Silly Miao and his Biscuit

Miao eat Biscuit

Miao eat biscuit-1

The other day, my colleague was very nice, she gave me a pack of almond biscuit. As I never had an almond biscuit before…I think, I personally find the taste very different from any other biscuit I had before. It was bitter with a sting of sourness in it. It tasted nothing like the almond in those Chocolate bars.

And to my notice…

Miao eat Biscuit-2

the biscuit already spoiled.

The worst part is…





Miao eat biscuit-3

I already ate half of  the biscuit before I found out it was spoiled…. 😐

P/S: And again I’m sorry for my grammar. Please kindly correct me 🙂

Festive Season

It is Snowing again.







Since I was small, I always wanted a White Christmas with snows but sadly we will never get that here in Malaysia. Okay, maybe 3 years later (2012) when the Earth’s weather goes wrong and it snows in Malaysia. Lol…

I don’t know why but I always feel that Christmas is better when it’s cold and snowy. XD Though there is always a choice of going to Genting Highland for the cold weather here. But from what I heard, the place is so pack and jam during Christmas and by the time you reach the peak of the highland, it’s already New Year. Lol..

*Hmm… wondering how it’s snow like…..*

In case, you’re wondering…Yes, I’m having dandruff problem again.


Miao goes Jogging!!

Purr of the Post:  Please visit the download page for the Christmas wallpaper.

exercise fail again

exercise fail again-1

exercise fail again-2

And again I failed to exercise. T____T

The worst part was I went for a Dim Sum breakfast after that instead. @@

Oh ya, In case you guys is wondering about my gym routine, I still attend it once in a while but I still prefer exercise with the fresh air and nature. 😀

exercise fail again-3

exercise fail again-5

exercise fail again.-6

I failed to exercise again. Hahahahaha

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