Don’t Kill Us

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dont hit me

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Nowadays, many waiters tend to forget one of the important elements in customer service, the Smile. (excluded those dealing with death)

Sometimes, they not only not giving you any smiles, they give you all sorts of faces and attitude to see. Sigh…

It really makes you don’t feel like visiting the place again.

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  1. LOL. I thought usually, people would want to protect their body…
    Haha. Yeah, I’ve seen waiters who can be so rude to the customers sometimes… T_T

    Hahahaha I only have a body XD

  2. ya.. I feel that no matter how tired or unhappy they are, they shouldn’t show it on the face and give it to the customer. This is about professionalism.

    Not smile is okay but don’t give the feeling of unwillingness to serve, right?

  3. AHHAHAHAHAH omg, I came across this almost everyday. And everyday I tell myself to block them out from my system. Smile is greatness 😉

    Good Service is worth praising ^^

  4. LOL, hahaha, so funny. But yeah, some no longer give you those smiley faces but some too friendly also.. hehehe.. go TGI ~_~ super friendly there ~_~

    Hahahaha a place out of my level XD

  5. maybe next time u can start this conversation with ur friends in front of the waiters and see how they response…hehe

    LOL like the chicken incident?

  6. hahaha yeah… never see them smile at customers anymore… some even gave u ‘the look’ when they accidentally kicked your chair when u are having ur meals…. as if it’s your fault =.= … and no ‘sorry’ coming out from their mouth either… even if i said ‘thank you’ when the food arrived they’ll juz look at me again… and juz go with their sour poker face… =___=

    oh ya… some even have bad habit of ‘tapping on chairs’ when passing by… well… not only that it’s kinda rude but most of them tapped on customer’s chairs with wet hands! now i know why chinese always use stools in their restaurants hahaha

    Stools is bad. later they tap your shoulders hahaha

  7. Service etiquette is certainly a rare encounter nowadays. They no longer work passionately but work coz of $$$ to buy something.

    U could say to these ppl,”Why r u so unhappy/angry?” But if u kena belasah not my problem. I put disclaimer first! 😉

    Wahh I’m a white rat @@

  8. Reminds me of Hong Kong, great cartoon, I love this. I apologize if anyone find my word sensitive. Cheers!

    Why so?

  9. buahaha… go to TGI Fridays ~ they very friendly there, & if u tell them on that day is ur b’day… when u eating half way they will come n sing b’day song to u… i usually use that to trick my friends… although not thair b’day but i still told the waitress if my friends b’day… then they will come n sing song to him n whole TGI friday ppl there will looking at him… hahaha…

    you’re very bad XD

  10. Hahaha.. I love the way you put your negative experiences to a positive output… so cuutteee~~~
    Btw, no doubt, the waiter/waitress nowadays alwaz “lan si lan yeng”, as if we owe them something… sometimes dare not to tell them straight to their face coz scared they’ll “pui!! pui!!” into de food.. I usually tell them off after I’ve paid for the food.. haha~

    Hehe thank you..
    Hahha you are a very careful person XD

  11. haha..
    i always have that time of moment whenever me and family ate at one of the mamak stalls here..
    they never tend to smile, but they didn’t put a scaary face..
    just.. a straight one 😐

    Straight is okay..
    as long as the attitude is good.

  12. Well, with the pay so low, I won’t be able to smile. But of course, professionalism must still be there to be successful in any work.

    Ya no smile is okay but the attitude of don’t wanna serve/work and giving out black faces really not that good eh.

  13. marvelous idea to reflects the scenario back with such a humble yet funny way~~~
    kudos to you Miao~

    sorry for stalking here all d while kakaka~

    Hahaha thank you..
    its okay ^^

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