A No is a No.

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no is no

no is no-1

I was having this flu/cold thingy since yesterday and it worsen when I went to work today.

Gosh it was awful, was sneezing, sniffing, and even tearing. T__T

In the end, I was like more busy making wantans instead of doing my work.

And the nose became red because of that.

Sigh… What a start for my brand new year.

no is no-2

Comments 29

  1. haha ^_^ pity miao~! get well soon.. so that you can draw more wafu&pafu for us hehe ^_^

    Feeling better d but can’t update much .. thanks to my housemate

  2. Aww… so cute. I hope you’re feeling better.
    By the way, I find “Clarinase” good for clearing up flu… You can get it from the pharmacy (have to ask from the pharmacist though)
    Do take care of yourself yeah?

    Thanks hehe
    I might try that out next time 🙂

  3. wafupafu so cute…^^
    take some antihistamine medication, drink warm water and take chicken soup or vitamin C ya….speedy recovery~~~

    Hehehe okay~

  4. Hey, same here! I call it the New Year flu… ahahaha… instead of wantan, right now I’m in the congested phase, so hard to breathe normal… sigh… take care! boost up with vit C.

    Yealo.. a lot of people is having it @@

  5. ajo… seems like d flu bug is everywhere these days… get well soon… take lots of fluids… n vitamin c n rest when u can… *hugs*


  6. HAHA that reminds me of an anime character, buggy the clown from One Piece!

    Get well soon aights! Take the flu med so the pee tee will stop flowing out LOL

    LOL it does resembles it since you mentioned it XD

  7. hahaha… i think sanat claus suits u more… n wafu pafu become rudolph.. =P.. too bad chirstmas ald pass… hahaha

    This coming 2010 Christmas then haha

  8. huhuhu miao… eat more citrus fruits(lime, lemon, orange, tangerine, pummelo, mandarin orange, etc ) =D

    I don’t like citrus fruits @@
    Except they’re juice

  9. i didnt knw tat miao is pretty instead of handsome LOL
    take care mr.miao~ rest well tho~
    we will wait u come bk 🙂

    Woahh thanks for waiting.. but I don’t bear to let you guys wait too long

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