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  1. erm. u keep on slurp slurp ur drinks. seems like ur drinks is bottomless eh LOL
    anyway, u should really baling ur glass to him let him cool down LOL

    Memang bottomless hahaah

  2. whoa….slurp slurp made me thirsty rite now 🙁 gonna make myself an iced milo hahaha

    yeah its obvious that that stupid guy is having mental prob… wearing that during the hot weather for what….wanna show off? but in the end, he complain like hell ==”

    If wanna wear, don’t complain right?

  3. what a dumb fella but this is common among Malaysians, we like to sweater and hoods as though we are in Britain.

    I like them too actually XD hahahaha
    but I don’t go wear it under the sun tho

  4. haha everywhere is hot now especially in shah alam coz im just recently moving kuching soo much since i heard there’s been raining crazily there huhu..miss the rain..

    It rains a lot near Chinese New Year..

  5. jian..just read ur blog! that guy is seriously making joke of himself. l0L and for the previous entry, got ‘the star’ liaw..’the moon’ is making a debut. ahhahahaa

    If want wear so much, don’t complain right

  6. That’s why we shouldn’t dressed up as if we’re from 4-season countries. I’ve been to Japan, even their summer is not as hot as Malaysia weather. So it’s understandable if they wear sweater often. But wearing sweater on equator climate??? You get style, but you lose comfort. 🙂

    Wear in the shopping mall still acceptable XD
    but a open air food court @@

  7. … maybe u should put some of ur ice cubes into his t-shirt and let him cool down hahahaha

    Can also pour the drink into it

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