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Dark T____T

There was a fire on my apartment floor earlier today which happened to blow out the power source for my floor. I think its just happened not long ago as the place was quite warm when I walked pass the place. There could be an explosion as I can see pieces of broken glasses on the floor.

Now the whole floor is kinda spooky without any lights and there’s not even a sound. I bet everyone went and took shelter at their friend’s place like me. Hahaha…

Actually, I have no problem sleeping in the dark but I just can’t sleep without the sounds of a moving fan. >.< I think its a habit thingy. Anyone having the same problem with me?

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  1. 1st!

    Yeah I cant sleep without the sound of a moving fan as well!

    Anyway, love your drawings. Keep up the good work!!

    Thanks!!! I will I will!!

  2. OMG! i can’t sleep as well without sound of the fan, i cannot sleep with aircond alone, MUST got fan sound.. LOL

    Same lor.. as long as there’s sounds of fan XD..
    unless I’m camping …. XD

  3. they pray2x hantu malam blow2x air into your eyes, then mah got the sound… hehe joking lah!!!!

    hope u got your electric back by now ! i know how bad to live without fans and lights!

    And internet too!! hahaha

  4. i cannot sleep woth fan sound but you can?! GENG!

    and wow! ur apartment was on fire? as in big fire? WTF! ddi everybody get evacuated?

    Huh? Then you off fan when sleep?

    Nope.. just one of the resident house on one of the floor..hehe

  5. i cant sleep without fans also…have several times where electricity black out at night during sleep. I just automatically woke up.
    But with air cond alone, i m fine. Am i weird too?(coz my hair cond did sound a lot too)

    Same here hahaha I also don’t know why XD
    Some more if sleep in a tent outside, I don’t need a fan either @@

  6. i just sleep on until the next day….used to face this many times already…nothing new to experience =P

    LOL.. i don’t wanna face so many times XD

  7. not fan i kenot sleep since nowadays super duper hot….>”< i like gif version...hehe Reply:
    hahahaha thank God
    Its cold over here..

  8. I’m such a ‘sleeping pig’.
    No matter how hot or cold, with or w/o mattress/pillow, got sound or no either… I still can snore like I don’t care if there’s an earthquake.


    That’s it! Ken is a pig!! XD hahaha

  9. I can sleep in total silence. 😀

    But the environment has to be cold and cosy.

    And doors locked, and a knife beside me. (just in case) @@

    LOL.. do you want a AK47, M-16, and grenades too? just in case hehehe

  10. ooo…where was the fire? On Monday night, my hostel in Bukit Beruang has no electricity for quite sometime. Is it cause by the same reason?

    Different place XD
    Its not as big tilll affect Bukit Beruang XD

  11. hi miaow…i oso can’t stay in a dark. atleast need some light..if not…i can’t move or do anything & staying in a dark makes me feel really scared to death huhuhu…

    Hahaha… its creepy if you touched something you don’t know..
    like an extra hand XD

  12. hahahaha… same goes to me. i cant sleep when surround so dem quite.
    felt like in grave :p.
    so, when black out. make sure i got my mp3 in my hand.
    else i cant sleep like usual 😀

    I cant sleep with musics either XD

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