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  1. Complain to TNB. Make some noise and if you manage to annoy them . They will fix it in no time.

    Someone did I guess.. as the power is back

  2. I almost tot that you are attempting the singapore ghost story LOL.
    Perhaps you should try the Namawee’s way of cursing the TNB lol!

    What story O.o
    Don’t tell, I don’t wanna know… XD

  3. tnb is such a useless 1…always complain but they never do their work seriously…. i better have to catch some eels to produce electrify for my house hehehe

    Wahahah eels powered house.. XD
    I think you need a lot of them XD

  4. wah, scare me. lol. Don’t scare your friend lo, go complain..3 days already..swt.. they forgot bout that area is it?? -_-”’

    Its my floor affected only..

  5. reminds me few days back it was middle of the night and me & my cousins were passing a spooky forest. I was sitting at the back seat texting a friend. My cousin who was driving looked at the rearview mirror and yelled cause she thought she saw a ghost XD btw, 3 days seemed too long for a blackout, maybe you should complain….

    Wahahahah… I think I will shock too
    I think other people already did.. XD

  6. Poor you… Lodge a complaint to TNB la… The more complaints they receive, the more pressure it’ll add

    The more the nasi lemak wrapping papers they have XD

  7. Go stay in a hotel, hostel, motel, rumpah tumpang or fren’s house for a while la. U should call TNB over and over again. Get ur neighbours to call also coz the more complaints, the faster they’ll act.

    Meanwhile go buy a portable battery powered fan to cool urself.

    Hahha I think many complains d, since I got the power back at last..

  8. LOL tis is funny.
    but so scary wei~ no electricity for 3days.
    temporarily move to ur fren’s house wei.

    I surfed at Jason’s place then sleep at my place lor

  9. HAHA i thought really got real one some more! hopefully it’s being fixed soon for u~

    Hahaha.. it did ^^
    I have my power back

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