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Dell Laptop Design

Yipple Woohoo!!

Dell is coming up with a design contest and they are giving out a brand new Dell Studio 15 as the prize!! ^^

Dell Laptop Design-2-1

I checked the site and the Dell Studio 15 seems to be such a cool laptop!!

Supports up to 8Gb of RAM and 500Gb of disk space, comes with some of the latest technology, like Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor ( T9400, T9550, T9600, T9800), Intel® Core™ i7 processor and also the latest Windows 7 operating system!! Comes with a 15.6” LED HD display and also surround sound with built in subwoofer. @@

Gosh…This machine is just too awesome… @@. And its making me feel like my current laptop is a typing machine. LOL XD

Dell Laptop Design-2-2

Anyway, there is something I like about Dell Studio 15 is this backlit keyboard. Kekeke..With this, I can sit on my bed and type my way through the night without switching on my light. (Okay, I know it’s bad for the eye 😛 hehehe )

Dell Laptop Design-2

What I like best about Dell is their signature colored laptop covers where you can actually select the colors you want for the laptop cover!!

And do check this out!! Now not only colors can be choose, you can even choose special design for your laptop. Awesome right?!

Hehehe… this is where all of this about.

About the contest right, there are two categories, the Best Entry (as selected by Promoter) and the Most Popular design (by Vote).

For the winner of the Most Popular design will win a prize of RM2500 cash voucher from a leading department store.

And the winner for Best Entry, he/she not only go home with a prize of RM5000 cash voucher from a leading department store and a brand new Dell Studio 15 laptop… but with his original own Design on the laptop cover which is so so cool!!!

So what are you waiting for?? Come and join the contest!! It will be very fun. ^^

At the mean time, I was wondering….

Dell Laptop Design-3-0

Dell Laptop Design-3

Hahaha….will you buy this?

Its kinda simple design though. And its gonna be very hard to win against all those other designs out there. Hehehe maybe I should aim for the cash voucher instead…so..

Dell Laptop Design-4

Hehehehe…click and click  please…


Paiseh to ask people vote for me ^^” but please do vote.. 😛

Just in case you wanna vote, please search any words from the name: Colorful Miao&WafuPafu.

I just realized it needs to be reviewed before it is published into the gallery. ^^”

Please try again later ya~~ ^^ Thank you~~~

Comments 38

  1. Your design quite nice. 🙂

    Btw, which spec they give away as prizes? My Dell Studio 15 only use Intel T6600 and ATI HD4570.

    Spec aside, Studio 15 design is great really. Simple and sleek.

    This one..
    Intel® Core™ 2 Duo Processor P8700, Genuine Windows Seven Home Premium Operating System, 4GB DDR2 SDRAM and 320GB Hard Drive (with 1 Year Limited Hardware Warranty, In-Home Service after Remote Diagnosis) and Dell OnSite support in your home… 😀

  2. couldnt find ur entry ler.. tried searching with Colorful Miao&WafuPafu, Colorful Miao, WafuPafu also dun have

    I think now got d ^^

  3. Hahaha, I agree with massy, I was waiting for you, Miao to enter this contest, lol, I wanted to enter, but didn’t, don’t know how to design. Hahaha

    You can try ler 🙂

  4. i wanan buy ur laptop cover but use it as mousepad

    hehehe *lmao* sure its nice to play with mouse on ur cover

    LOL this sound familiar hahaha XD

  5. man. how do u end up to work n stay in melaka? since u r not a melaka man. u r working in an IT company? jz curious to know only..

    Hahha.. no.. I’m not in IT..
    Now working in a factory in Melaka..

  6. Wow…. Meow Laptop so cool…… When are meow laptop gonna out? i sure will go buy it. I support Meow Forever…….~~~ =D

    Hahaha I don’t know ler.. one day I hope xD

  7. i will get ur design if it’s out!! woohoo but shouldn’t meow be in orange? hehee

    Hahaha.. yahoh.. there’s no orange color in my selections .. hmm

  8. Now I want my laptop to have Miao & WafuPafu design XD

    Hahaha.. maybe I can make it downloadable then you guys can print and make your own one 😀

  9. All the best to u, Jian! Will vote for u…

    Maybe u can also draw miao & wafu pafu laptop and handphone skins to sell! I wouldn’t mind a mousepad or a mouse shaped like wafu or pafu…. Ok! I’m getting ahead of myself here. LOL

    Thanks man!! 😀
    Woahh thats a cool idea…!! WafuPafu Mousepad!

  10. awesome design d ~!
    sure WIN lah XD

    i wil support you one..
    in fact, i was awe by your design leh … so pro~!


    Woahh thank you ^^
    But not very pro also lar..

    The others lagi geng @@

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