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  1. SAME!!! even if i put somewhere far from my bed.. i can still even wake up n go take my hp n off it n sleep back in sleeping mode./// T_T… i think need a alram that punch me n wake me up~~~

    LOL.. XD
    Later punch you, you faint and sleep back.. How??

  2. I put my alarm clock inside my Desktop PC last time in MMU…din’t work fact kena scolded by my housemates cuz I took so long to open it up to off it 😛

    This remind me of my roomate where his alarm is to wake me up so i can wake him up 😐

  3. I used to have this problem and I sort of solved it by:-
    1- Get the loudest alarm clock… A siren-like sound is better.. and
    2- I have 3 to 4 gadgets with alarm function at a time to wake me up in the morning..

    Thats a lot @@

  4. ah hahahaha, put a very disturbing and noisy sound as alarm, then set it to ring 2-4 times (if hp, can set few alarm)
    it help me wake though, coz everyday also I got shock by it

    The one thing that will shock me awake is the sound of a Cat’s Meow Ringtone.

  5. This happens to me all the time… I can do this automatically for five times. (I will wake up in the fifth time…) =.=” It remains a puzzle as to how I managed to get to school without being late all these years.

    I know! The alarm starts to ring at 4am XD

  6. For me, is not i off the alarm…… is i “OFF” my ear….. cant hear any alarm no matter how i put near my ear or how loud they are….. i think agree with jacky…… who can invent a alarm that can punch ppl de? i think u found ur 1st customer…. =D

    Hahaha that the alarm gonna be a big 1 XD with the motors and stuffs for punching

  7. SAME!! And I did it today end up late for class T_T but the lecturer more power, cancel the whole class summore = =”

    LOL… the lecturer also can’t wake up XD

  8. just get a gf/bf 2 wake u up~ effective~ when they get annoyed by it~ they will start punching~ XD

    Hahaha where to find?

  9. ahahaha..same case here…
    i start wondering if my alarm is spoiled.. how come i already set it but it doesn’t ring?!

    Bwahahaha XD

  10. yeah gorek. i’ve to put it on my table high up there. so that when I get up I’ll have to walk. But then.. sometimes.. too far too soft.. still sleeping ==

    Hahaha too far also cannot lor like that XD

  11. happens 2 me 2. unless if my phone/alarm drops to da floor. then have 2 wake up off it. 😀

    hahaha then next time put on the floor XD

  12. SAME!!! i always put my hp beside me and end up late for classT.T then i put far away from my ed so that i wont reach it..=)

    Hahaha XD

  13. Haha….I’m a human alarm clock myself. I can wake up myself without alarm clock =P seems U have to learn from dinosaur dy! haha

    Don’t want! 😛

  14. LOL. Happens to me too.. hahaha…
    For me, if I set my alarm at like 8am can snooze like ten times until 9am…
    =.=” only on weekends though…

    Snooze 10 times @@..
    The sleep wont be very smooth ler

  15. SAME!!!!
    this happens to me all the time!!
    like, i even have like 5 alarms with 15-30 mins interval… still, its either i dont hear it at all or i off it in sleep.. dont know when off also de…

    Reply :
    omg 5 alarms!
    thats a lot @@

  16. same here. I think it’s always good to put it somewhere further but perhaps you’ll still get up to shut it down and then sleep back hahaha…

    hahaha I just did

  17. l0L. brendan places his sidetable an arm’s length away so that when the alarms (digitalclock radio and cellphone alarms!! volume was set to max level! =S ) trigger, he can never reach the both the clock and cellphone to switch off the alarms. so they ring repeatably until he kenot tahan and wake up to turn them off! it’s annoying as hell cos even the next room can hear the alarms cos they are super loud but it works. you could probably try that!

    I think you can see a pile of blood after this XD
    *Killed by my housemates*

  18. Try putting it in a box and max the volume, that way you HAVE to open the box before switching it off.

    Unless, you…do… the box. @@ *imagining*

    LOL I will throw away the box in frustration XD

  19. haha…reminds me of a good friend who can have 3 alarms by her side and each of them snoozing every 10 min and still not wake the end it was her roommate who woke

    This sounds familiar hahaha

    I think the alarms are for her roomate

  20. Nearly missed my flight due to the same problem! We need more annoying alarm buzzers 🙂

    By the way, I just got to know about your blog… very entertaining indeed. Keep up the good work. You just made a fellow Kuchingites proud 🙂

    Hehehe thank you thank you ^^

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