Work till Blur

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Busy till Siao

Busy till Siao-1

My job got to do with a lot of phoneย answering and there are times that I answered so much phone calls that I really ‘heard’ my phone rang when it actually didn’t. ย @@


and after that..

Busy till Siao-3

Busy till Siao-2

( . . . . . .)


Really work till blur d.


How I wish I can lay on a beach right now with people giving me a massage while I enjoy the cool sea breeze and stars


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  1. haha, wah lau eh…but it sometimes happen to everyone… you are too concentrating until didnt pay attention to surrounding… very good….

    if it was me, i miss something on my table, i will go panic >>.<< Reply:
    Hahaha not concentrating but less alert to surroundings hahaha

  2. This is soooo true! Happened all the time. But I wasn’t working or anything like dat…I was juz reading people’s blog…so…read till blurr? haha!

    LOL so concentrating ar

  3. HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA omg, happens to me before. I laff so hard. It took me awhile to realize, lucky nobody saw XD

    I saw my boss did the same thing.. and I almost burst out in laughters

  4. Talking of massages….. yesterday i just got one thai massages …… >_<" hahaha...... syok...... Meow u should get one too....... @.@ Reply:
    I want!

  5. when i was rushing assignments in college i always mistook my handphone for my mouse then get frustrated because the cursor wouldn’t move. huhuhu i miss college ๐Ÿ™

    I miss it too!!!

  6. sometimes i do homework until blur……..
    took the h/p and thought it was my pen

    LOL the size too different lar!!
    Really blur d

  7. heheh the mouse and phone confusion… i think its very common,… thats why i will try not to leave my phone near the mouse ๐Ÿ˜€

    Hahaha its also a common place to put XD (if you’re right handed)

  8. seems like ah miao lately stressed/tired by work. Till sleep also can so soundly turn off the alarm, and now can hear to ””” things. Haha

    Maybe next post could be something to do with a phone spirit. Maybe its the phone spirit that off your alarm always, and rang during your work. Hehe. Wait, maybe if Wafu and Pafu playing trick on you!

    Hahahaa maybe its them XD

  9. Haha. U cud get an iPhone ๐Ÿ˜› There us an app that can replace the phone as ur wireless mouse.

    Hahaha Too expensive d..

  10. hahaha.. the mouse thing happened to me too…

    and once I saw my lecturer doing the same thing while he’s giving us lecture.

    I saw my boss did it.. I almost burst out with laughters

  11. Pssssst~

    *points at last panel*
    “Handhone” is what ar?
    *actually knows but let’s pretend*

    Handphone is handphone?

  12. hahaha same here… sometimes i did the same thing as u in the last picture… and i also did pick up my handphone when the office phone rang! hahahaha XD oh my friend pickup the calculator when her handphone rang hahahaha

    hahaha did she went “Hello” to the calculator?

  13. LOL it always happen to me
    there’s time, i open my passenger car door and sit down.
    after i sit down for few secs then only realize that i am de driver and owner of de car, and wondering y am i doing at passenger seat >.< Reply:
    LOL this is so funny hahahahaha XD

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