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  1. Haha… i have the same problem too….. but…. not cigar lar……. is garbage truck pass by……. “SMELLY” >_<" Reply:
    I had another even bad experience..
    The garbage truck passed by while I’m having my dinner.. by the roadside @@

  2. @Sophos: Not unless you travelling at low speed, if measured against the parasitic drag of using the air-cond, at low speed more benefits to turn off air-cond. Unless Miao driving on North-South Highway at 180km/h.

    Lol Miao, I still thought it was a policeman at first, thought still will have stories, then only notice the ashes! Haha

    woah…pro O.o
    Hahaha sorry about the small little ashes XD

  3. especially during the night!! so nice n cooling ^_^
    of coz wit few cars around la, vry choking keep absorbing those exhaust pipe gas

    Yaya true lor..
    another best time is early morning 😀

  4. Yes well ashes are ok. Those vehicles with low engine combustion efficiency are the worst. Their exhaust cough out grey-black fumes and it’s really bad for the environment too.

    Yeah that’s the worst @@

  5. I absolutely know how u feel! HAHA always kena one.. what to do but to roll the window back up like u did in ur drawings… hahaa no more fresh n cool air~~

    Hahaha… so it will be great if can drive at the country side with less cars XD

  6. hahahaha u got ashes… last time when i did that the garbage truck just past by my car… and it stinks like hell!! >.< i almost puke in my car Reply:
    Goshh so stinky eh?

  7. Hahaha I only like night time off air cons open window. Day time cannot ler so hot + so polluted air =_=’

    Yealo.. either early morning or at night

  8. lol
    izzit true that without on de air-con in de car is good for car, fuel n etC?
    normally in de morning or nite time i wont on de air con but i wont open de window also ler
    bcoz its cold tho >.< but somehow my cousin told me that, new car hav to always on de air con wor. i don knw y LOL Reply:
    New car has to always open air-con???

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