The Exercises finally Pay off

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no more tummy-1

no more tummy

Weeee… no more big round tummy like an Uncle d ^^

I think I quite flexible as I manage to slim down the tummy just after a few weeks of exercises and quiting the habit of having supper 😀

I’m feel so healthy…


no more tummy-2


How come healthy doesn’t feel good at all…

And it also seems like my Tummy is not the only thing that slim down..


On the site note: I think  I doing too much exercise related post…

Hmm what to do.. that’s what I’m doing lately hahahaha

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  1. do regular exercise eg,3 times per week. not 7 times per week,damn tired for those who just started exercise. sleep early, so u can skip supper~ 🙂 keep it up! but eat healthy yea~

    3 times a week @@
    Thats a lot

  2. u can exercise all u want etc but it all boils down to what u eat. no u don’t need to go on lean meat diet or no fries and stuff etc. u can BUT you need to watch how much u eat. crazing for food is normal..u need to eat. if u eat lots, then u’ll need to exercise lots. after a while you’ll get so used to it, that you’ll automatically just pre-select ur food. from ur regular fatty meats, u’ll slowly move over to leaner ones, don’t immediately jump over etc. also don’t suddenly exercise like crazy too. take it at a more comfortable rate. everyone is different, so there is no like 1 fixed routine for everyone. brisks walk 30 minutes a day 3 times a week also is quite good already (taking into consideration ur not eating buffet 7days/week)

    A very long detailed comment ^^
    Love it!!
    Thanks for the tips 😀

  3. From the way it looks, either you’re overtrained/training the wrong way, or youre not eating the right food to recover properly.

    I think I’m not eating enough.. 🙁

  4. wah so geng…wanna learn from u…

    my method is too cruel for myself…i skipped all lunches…. but its belly become almsot flatten….

    Wahh lunch ar.. I can’t do that @@

  5. “I think still okay.. CNY food is not that fatty XD”

    not that fatty?? sure or not miao?? hahahha hmmm let me see… pork with yam(my fav… but also my enemy >..< *usually will have these during CNY eve dinner huhuhuu Reply:
    Hahaha I have different thing back at home…

  6. may i ask u,u were a boy o a gurl?
    where u from o?
    juz wanna know..^^

    I’m a male cat from cat city, land of hornbills. 😀

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