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  1. Relax. Go jogging. Eat a nice breakfast. Take a deep sleep. When you wake up watch a funny movie. Have a nice dinner with your friend.

    Life will be better when you balance it. When you achieve the balance the workload will seem minuscule to you.

    Hahaha then there will be no more time to do blogging xD

  2. haha~
    i tot u r jz going back to hmtown for cny~
    think it from another side, as soon as u finish all those work,
    it will be cny ad!!!

    But but the work won’t finish 1 πŸ™

  3. ε•Šε“ˆε“ˆε“ˆε“ˆγ€‚γ€‚γ€‚
    剛ε₯½ζ–°εΉ΄ζ˜―θ™ŽεΉ΄οΌŒζŠ•θƒŽθ½‰δΈ–ζˆη‚ΊδΈ€εͺθ€θ™Žε•¦γ€‚ XD

    θ²“ι›£εšοΌŒε₯½θ²“ζ›΄ι›£εšηš„θͺͺ。 ^^

    Hahahahahaha XD
    When I reborn it might not be Year of Tiger d haha

  4. Lol, Miaw, how tall is this tower ar? Is it tall enough to get into the top 1 in world? XD

    Almost there almost there XD

  5. Poor Miao. Look on the bright side. Some people jobless. No money very poor thing. Your company is doing well. No worries about bonus.

    Tho there’s no bonus but at least I still have a job right?

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