Going back to Cat-City

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going back kuching

going back kuching-1

going back kuching-2

Balik Kampung (Going back home) woo ohhh ohhh Balik Kampung ~~

Gosh, I’m very very excited to go back to my hometown. The last time I went back Kuching was 7 months ago but it feels like a very very long time ago.

This year I’m so gonna eat all my way through the holiday. I miss Kuching’s food the most.. XD

(Please Google if you have no idea where is Kuching)

Anyway, I wished you all a Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Holiday…

This year, WafuPafu will be going back with me XD since both of them can just fly their way back wahahahaha…

going back kuching-3

if they don’t get caught of doing domestic violence acts of course.

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  1. Gong Xi Fa Cai to you Miao. Err… miao kata lebih suka sambut Xmas .
    balik kampung nak collect ang pau yaaaa????

    Hahaha yaya.. 😀
    But CNY was fun too

  2. LOL the last pic!

    happy new year to u miao! have an awesome tiger year! since tiger is miao’s family also right! kekek…

    Hahahaha yeah 😀 far far relative

  3. 😀 i don knw where is kuching wei. i only knw kucing 😀
    heh. i am goin bk my hometown also
    happy holiday and happy Chinese new year miao!
    ang pao ang pao! thankiu~~~

  4. i wish i can be in kuching this weekend, i want to see fireworks from airport!!!! fireworks!!!! T_T
    its a nice view to see fireworks during CNY around airport!!!! hehee

    btw, where r u staying in kuching?

    I’m staying in Matang Jaya 😀

  5. next time I should teach wafu and pafu to pack C4 also! hahaha blast u off to the moon 😛 anyway gong xi fa cai ah miao! eat more sarawak food o! haha dapao some if can

    Wahhh wanna teach bad my hamsters @@

  6. I’m waiting my flight back to Miri now.. T_T Kuching~~ kueh chap~kolok mee~~laksa~~ aza aza CNY snacks!! kuih momo! Happy Chinese New Year miao!!

    I haven’t manage to eat them yet..

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