Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Valentine Day

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Dong Chiang Dong Chiang Chiang Chiang!!!

Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Valentine to all~~~

Did you guys enjoy your holiday?

I’m sorry that I didn’t managed to update for the whole week.

I was away from my PC the whole time.

Worry not!! I’m back in action!!!

(still in Kuching tho)


Comments 19

  1. XD… Happy Chinese New Year, miao~
    May your year be blessed with joy, wealth and good health.

    You too!!!!
    Fatt Chai Fatt Chai!

  2. hahahaha see too much ang pau isit till donno what day isit already. hahahaha. :p

    Resting cin cin hahaha XD
    not much ang pow to collect ler

  3. Too busy collecting ang pao to update?? That’s okay HEHEHE!!

    *O* Share some ang pao with me please!!!

    thanks for understanding but I don’t have much ang pow this year

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