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Where is your Hideout?!




Recently, the mosquitoes are getting more and more at night making me kept on waking up from all the buzzing and stings @@.

Seriously I have no idea how those mosquitoes got in my room since I’m staying on the fifth floor. And I don’t think they can actually fly their way up here and come in through the window.  @@ So I suspected that they are not from outside but inside instead and I was right when I finally found their nest in my room.



In The Clouds Theme


At last, no more Red Red Dong Dong Chiang Theme.

The new theme is here!! Yipple!!!

This time we’re going to the sky, that’s why you can notice all the clouds in the banner and only clouds 😀

Hehehe.. its not complete yet actually.. but at least better than having the same CNY theme right?


Hahaha…Just kidding, Miao, Wafu, Pafu and others will be added later.

(When I got the concept and idea.. what are they doing in the sky.. XD)

So what do you think about the new theme?

Do you like the colors? And what do you think they might be doing in the clouds. 😀


Stupid Miao at Work




I think I have this bad habit to move my way around and do some works when I’m feeling not well.

( Unless I’m so sick that I couldn’t stand then I will be forced to lay on my bed )

Basically, I just don’t like the feeling of being unproductive.. Hahaha..

Hopefully, I won’t make myself sicker than before like the previous time. XD


Side note: I just noticed how different my WafuPafu and Miao are between these two posts. XD

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