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Cat Abuser

cat abuser-1

Seriously, the kid was stepping at the kitten as if the kitten is a mere pillow. He even added some twist to the stepping. Luckily, we noticed it and faster stopped him. This is not the first time I saw such cruelty on animals.

The other night at the same location, I saw a boy went around and kicking cats like they’re footballs. The cats were eating and he just walked to it and kicked it. @@ That’s just cruel. I wondered how his parents teach him.

And when I told my friend about this, he went and said the cat should have run away which makes me feel that he was blaming on the cat for not running away instead. Sigh…I just don’t know.

The worst case I ever heard before its about a friend of a friend of mine who use boiling water just to make a cat leave his house. This is just so so wrong.

I just don’t know why do some humans treat animals as if they are not a life, as if the animals don’t feel a hing? And the worst answer I ever received from it is “They are just animals…”which makes me go speechless.

This is just sad…

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  1. aww.. de lil kitten very cham eh.
    tat day i was chatting wif my fren and he said he gonna get bb gun n shoot cat. swt. was arguing wif him about that. but he just ignored me and said he’s right. damn kasian de cat.. sigh…

    Next time intro to me..
    I will get a BB gun and shoot till he falls down and begs..
    and i will continue shoots him..
    open up his eyes and shoot it !!

  2. this post really makes my blood boil! i can’t stand animal abuse too, those who abuse should be canned and tortured in return! so sickening! Maybe u can deliver some information/education to the public about animal love – through your famous & popular miao icon!!! Maybe draw for the SPCA or something!?

    Yeah!! locked those abuser in cages and torch them up XD bwahahahaha okay i know i’m evil but RAWR!
    Yeah i think i gonna do some animal love posts once a while

  3. Sigh………It’s true. You are not wrong. Those people who said “they are just animals” are the one blinded. Animals can feel and sometimes when I look into their eyes, it’s like they know…things. Animals are sentient species like humans are. ^^

    That’s true but some people just don’t understand.. sigh

  4. same case hpen in my college too but worse.one boy in my college throw several kittens to the walls..the kittens didnt disturb he study but he did dat w/o guilty.he said he did it bcuz he was boring.his action was recorded by his fren and they all was laughing on dat video.he is a sicko.but he a genius boy.shame to our country.

    …… Grrr…
    One day.. someone should carry him and throw him against the wall…

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