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BB Love story

Most of you guys know that I got my Blackberry not long ago from the YellowBoy.

The BlackBerry indeed is a fun device. Its like having a netbook in your hand basically do all most anything you can like a netbook.

There is this application called BlackBerry App World, which you can download all sort of applications for your BlackBerry. Applications that you’re familiar like Twitter, Facebook, Opera browser, Google map, Google, MSN messenger can be easily downloaded to your BlackBerry. There are others interesting applications like Foursquare and BlackBerry Messenger.


As for me, I use my BlackBerry on


most of the time.

There is this UberTwitter application for BlackBerry which really makes tweeting very easy. With BlackBerry integrated system, it enables you just tweet away from your other folders in your BlackBerry or even your camera which I find very convenient.

With DiGi Smart Plan, I can just tweet as much photo as I like without worrying about both the size of the image and cost of it as the DiGi Smart Plan provides an unlimited access to the internet and uploading the photo took less than a minute with my EDGE powered BlackBerry.

If you guess wonder what is twitter is about. Its like a social media where you share your thoughts and say to anyone who follows your tweet. Pretty fun when you follow a bunch of awesome tweeters. 😀


The other application I like is this


Its a messaging application exclusively for BlackBerry Users. BlackBerry users can use the messenger to text each other FREE of charge (must have a data plan for this application to work, Ex. DiGi Smart Plan).

So if you sign up with the DiGi Smart Plan and you use this messenger to text your friends instead of SMS over the month, you only need to pay a fee of RM58 at the end of that month for the data service. (If you don’t make any calls) 🙂

That’s not it, you can even send photos and files over the messenger ^^.


The application that makes me love this device is..

BB browser

Yeah, just a basic browser!

Why? Because I do almost all my searching and reading with it. I can read to news, blogs and also search for any information I needed when I’m outside. With DiGi Smart Plan, it’s an unlimited access!!

And with that, I can do the thing I love the most…

BB Youtube

Youtube~~ Love love~~ Bo beep bo beep~~

Hahaha… Seriously it was fun streaming on the phone. And since me and my colleague are very obsessed on Kpop lately, we always stream MV during lunch hour over the BlackBerry.

At first I thought the streaming will be slow as the BlackBerry Curve 8520 supports up to EDGE speed only but turns out the streaming was smoother than I thought. Most of the time I just stream without waiting for buffering.

The coverage was good too, I was able to get full bar of network reception most of the time and EDGE speed in major cities area because the YellowBoy keep following you wherever you are, providing the best coverage to you.

DiGi Coverage

They will even follow you to the most “Hazard” place and provide you with the coverage you needed.

Nothing will stop them. XD Hahaha..

DiGi Coverage-1

Even this… XD


Oyah, if you want to sign up.

Do sign up now at Mid Valley as they are giving out Promotion for the latest BlackBerry Bold 9700. For your information, the BlackBerry Bold 9700 supports up to 3G speed compare to BlackBerry Curve 8520 which support only up to EDGE. Beside this , the 9700 comes with GPS, larger display, longer battery lifetime, better media player and lots more.

And it is a very worth to get one now as the BlackBerry Curve 8520 cost RM1,199 while the BlackBerry Bold 9700 is at RM1,299 only during this promotion period.

(Promotion ends tomorrow 7/3/2010)

DiGi BlackBerry 9700 MidValley Promo

Do check it out at Mid Valley 🙂

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  1. haha u should propose the yellowboy design to digi…..so cute….

    u r too showing off -_-”

    Hahaha you mean showing off the phone eh?

    I have to 🙁
    Next week you will know why..

  2. aw, wapu pafu gota b sad for d yellow boi took over their slot XD

    They will be back XD ..
    they are permanent actors ler ..
    Yellowboy just a guest XD

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  4. ARGH ! BB! i hate u miao! bcoz i wan BB but i am too poor to get it. T.T

    No need to hate me.. XD
    Later I will be the same like you

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  6. Can I ask you a question?

    So if I subscribed to DIGI, do I have to pay for the phone upfront = RM1299 (for 24 months contract) PLUS a monthly of RM58 (if I don’t call?). The RM58 is just for the B.I.S charge right?

    What’s your monthly bill roughly? I want to buy one but need to check first whether it’s within my budget.

    Yes, the RM58 is just for the BIS charge.
    Any extra calls or text messages will be charged accordingly.
    For more detailed information, you can try ask Digi twitter officer… @digi_telco 🙂

    Honestly, I have no data plan anymore…
    Previously, it was all sponsored..

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