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  1. yo..if that’s in that case, just summon Harry Potter to spin the time back…..maybe to your babyhood time XD

    Hahaha nevermind.. im quite happy right now XD

  2. Hahaha… the usual is 5 working days, 2 rest days. Won’t it be nice if the opposite is true? 5 rest days, 2 working days. Lol… alternate dimension~~

    LOL then everyone will be starve XD

  3. poor meow. I also want to stop the time at the happy time =)

    I just want it stops so i can look clearly at the world LOL

  4. what happen?
    actually i oso dun wan monday come…….i have exam…

    I have many off work stuffs need to do

  5. i feel that way too..~!!it’s better to call doraemon to come over..~!!

    Doraemon.. T__T how i wish i have one

  6. fast fast learn how to stop de time wei! then teach me 😀
    sigh.. i hate working daY!

    Hahaha i just learned..
    you go take away the battery on the clock

  7. Once I think before about…”If I am time-traveler, I like to stop clock with used my time-stop skill!” 😛 Haha but everyone will be frozen if you stop time. 😀 keke

    Hahaha its okay what..
    stop and let the nature heals..

  8. I tried it b4….by taking out da battery…ended up skipping my class….hahahaha!!!!

    morning classes are meant for skipping anyway lol

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