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  1. Haha, same case, but not baby, is puppy, my friend’s Shih Tzu, see guys terus run and hide, go near it then it will go hide behind my friend and bark, when my GF and her lil sis go near it, WTFFF, they are like so friend. SAD

    WAhhhhh damn sad lor

  2. next time if u wan hold or hug him, remember to dress up like a gal and make up 😀 who knows he wil love u eh. hahhaha

    Then I don’t want hold lor

  3. hahhaha..~There ur go.~!!he really loves gurls most..~!hahah.~!!
    dun be sad miao!i’m sure that when u was a baby,u too loves pweety gurl to hold u..huhu…am i right.?hahaha

    No idea ler.. but i know i love cats waahaahah

  4. 😀 its true tho, they say that babies who stares at a girl longer, means she’s pretty. xD Babies likes pretty girls. there there miao.

    Hmmm so bringing a baby along to see girls is good then XD hahaha

  5. This is VERY normal… babies are attracted to the opposite gender, since young. At least all the babies which I have so far come to know behave in this pattern anyway. 😛

    Poor Uncle Miao. LOLz

    Its in the Psychology and Human Development studies too XD

  6. young already know how to differentiate ar..cute boy..luckily my niece doesn’t do that..haha~ =P

    Hahaha very smart boy XD

  7. hahaha…like my nephew too. he’ll only sit in front of the tv and keep quiet if got pretty actress… guys natural instinct? hahaha

    I think it’s in the gene XD

  8. hahaha…same like his uncle…got leng lui…everything is fine…hahahha

    Don’t put me in the same category with you.

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