Farewell YellowBoy – DG Smart Plan Finale Post

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GoodBye DG Smart Plan - BlackBerry Unlimited

GoodBye DG Smart Plan - BlackBerry Unlimited-1

GoodBye DG Smart Plan - BlackBerry Unlimited-2

Remember the BlackBerry I mentionend lately? Its actually not mine. Hahaha… ( How I wish its mine). Its a review unit, I got to play with and review for a month. This happens to be my first review project and it was quite a fun experience as the review item was really good and interesting.

The BlackBerry with DG Smart Plan. This plan is really cheap in my opinion, just RM58/ month and the coverage, speed and connectivity stability was really unexpectedly good.

You can try the Plan out for a few months and tested it out.  🙂 Or if you have any questions, you may just refer to @DiGi_Telco at Twitter or visit their Facebook.

I gonna miss the BlackBerry very much..

GoodBye DG Smart Plan - BlackBerry Unlimited-3

but maybe won’t be long…

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  1. heyhey! xinxian here, i’ve been getting all your excel reports about this haha. just wanna drop by and say i love your blog and all your posts about the BB! maybe you won’t have to break your piggy yet leh? 😛

    O.o Fresh is xinxian ?!
    Now I just know.. XD hahaha paiseh

    Eh? Piggy is saved?

  2. oh i see…dont be sad…i am sure u will win a blackberry some day!

    btw, ur bus stop design is so awesome….have underworld concept…..i like it! *thumbs up*

    aduh, kesian on ur piggy bank…went into saving so long time, have to break it for only a blackberry…so sad heheehehe…dont break it lar…just pray contest with the prize of blackberry coming to you soon!

    Actually I want a laptop contest.. I need a laptop soo much
    Somemore didn’t manage to win for the Dell design 1 🙁 sad sad

  3. I still can’t decide whether to get the BB plan from Celcom or Digi. Please brainwash me.

    I haven’t try others but I was really impressed and satisfy with DiGi service.
    If you don’t call that much, then just get the DG Smart plan.. really cheapest around

  4. hahaha…. ur blog is super cute!!! love it…. i am hoping to get a BB too… n YES!!! DIGI’s plan seems to be d best!!! 🙂

    Well thank you 😀
    Yes, it appears so

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