Red means Stop, Green means Go, Yellow means..

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traffic light

Traffic light-1

Traffic light-2

The other day, my friend fetched me out for dinner and we went to this shop nearby.

traffic light-3

So when we are about to reach the shop, this friend of mine, suddenly went and step on the accelerator when he saw the yellow traffic light is flashing where we’re suppose to turn left instead of go straight. @@

He said when he saw the light flashing and his instinct told him to step on it. @__@

I know he’s crazy but let’s do a survey here, who ever step on the accelerator when the yellow light is flashing, please raise up your paws/hands. 😀

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  1. yesh~! Stop then go again… The worst thing is that, i’ve stopped, and the back car was following! lolx! Sure kena cursed to dead~ XD btw, it was at jalan song area that i did that =.=!

    It was you..
    don’t stop and go again ler..

  2. *raise paw/hand halfway*

    Haha! It actually depends. If I can stop on time and there’s no car following like really close to me, then I’ll stop…if not…oops.

    Btw Meow, you ‘hit’ your friend in the comic strip for not stopping then later accident how! Hahah.


    Hahahaha yealo hoh.. i didn’t think bout that XD

  3. miao. green light is go, red light is stop so yellow light means step on the accelerator more! lol. XD

    that’s what i do. to prevent ppl kiss ma backside if i stop suddenly ma. =P

    You kissing people is worse ler

  4. My friend is even more funny. She was stepping on the accelerator when suddenly, she saw the lights turned yellow and she asked us, the passengers if she should stop. Before we could even answer, she stepped on the break but it was too late. By the time her whole car stops, it’s already in the yellow box. =.= that was hilarious!! and so, she stepped on the accelerator when the traffic turned red. but the cars were considerate enough to let her go though.

    Wahhh @@
    I think they have to as she already in the box ^^”

    1. Post
  5. I raise up my wings????. I always tell my mommy to go and rush when there is yellow light hue hue..????

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