Stupid Miao at Work

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I think I have this bad habit to move my way around and do some works when I’m feeling not well.

( Unless I’m so sick that I couldn’t stand then I will be forced to lay on my bed )

Basically, I just don’t like the feeling of being unproductive.. Hahaha..

Hopefully, I won’t make myself sicker than before like the previous time. XD


Side note: I just noticed how different my WafuPafu and Miao are between these two posts. XD

Comments 22

  1. definitely something wrong around you…..*smelling any problem around you *

    haahahaha, spongebob version….errr…can i say this name? i hope i wont be sued by typing this name here XD

    Hahahaha why will get sue?

  2. You’re almost like a full time blogger wei… super productive! You came up with so many posts updates, each toook many hours. I really admire your dedication and effort. But sometimes, even the most productive engines need to rest, and apply lubrication.

    Take some time off and watch porn… hahahahah

    LOL super productive eh?
    I thought I update quite slow XD

  3. i havent slept in 31 hours liao.. same! same! high 5!!! (why is pafu glaring at me?) -he’s gonna kill me for supporting you in this.. X.x

    Wahhh 31 hours @@
    What are you doing staying up?

  4. ==|||
    usually i fell very happy when i sick because i doesn’t need to do anything…..

    Haahaha I doesn’t feel good when sick..
    Thinking of the works I can’t put my hands on..

  5. oit~! Rest more ler~! Not feeling well have to rest only can get well faster! take care o ^^

    PS: Get well faster so that can post more things then i can read more~ hahahahaha =p

    Hahaha okay XD

  6. I know you got 9 lives to spare….. but if you continue like this….. even 100 lives also not enough….. Seriously, get some rest….. I still want to continue reading your blog le….. So save some of your lives for all of us…… If not we will be bored to death…… >.< Ps: Hope You Get Will Soon................ Reply:
    HEhehe if I don’t draw and rest also same ler

  7. aigoooo. Go and rest~ Read a book or bring your laptop to bed, at least you won’t feel unproductive. *cough* Youtubing j/kpop stuff is PRODUCTIVE. >D *cough*

    Doing anything else beside drawing is consider not productive 😛
    so youtube not counted

  8. o.O how is it different woh? i try to spot the different but it seems like it’s same to me xD perhaps only the drawer will know the difference.. hehe

    The drawing is different lor XD

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