Where is your Hideout?!

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Recently, the mosquitoes are getting more and more at night making me kept on waking up from all the buzzing and stings @@.

Seriously I have no idea how those mosquitoes got in my room since I’m staying on the fifth floor. And I don’t think they can actually fly their way up here and come in through the window.  @@ So I suspected that they are not from outside but inside instead and I was right when I finally found their nest in my room.


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  1. hahahha.. creative way of telling the story… LOL.
    So, it’s in the dark-colour clothes?

    Hahaha nono..
    they are that black shirt XD

  2. err, i tot mosquitoes make nest in water? lol

    btw, i stay in 10th floor also got nyamuk…:x

    Yea, but that’s where they lay eggs..
    the shirts is where they hide XD

  3. Miao u are so funny I laughed out loud when reading your post… I staying at 21st floor also got mosquito leh.. I suspect is the wind!!! The wind blow up the mosquito!

    Hehehe thank you ^^
    I think I need to close my windows lor like that

  4. yup! me here oso having this problem….
    and jux found out the the “sai” which bring lots of mosquito to me
    is my black jacket ! thanks to the jacket and i din have a nice sleep ….

    ohya ! i’m staying in 19 floor …..huhu ….
    how they came ?! i dunno XP

    What you did? throw the jacket away?

  5. Miao go buy those anti mozzie sprays! There was once my whole room is fille with mozzies and I couldn’t sleep well cause I’ll sure wake up due to the bites. Then i got the spray and and sprayed in all the dark corners around my room. Nooooooo more!

    BTW black stuff do attract mozzies, and ur body temperature lol. The higher the temp, the more mozzies XD

    Need to get a pet frog then @@

  6. Wosih! creepy! That many ha?! O.o better buy yourself a mosquito net.. eventhough you’re already in a standardized building.. XD

    Mosquito net?
    I hav a better one 😀 My blanket hahah

  7. Hahaha! I love the way you bring the story out! <3

    maybe just like what u draw..the mosquito flies into the lif..and thn..reach 5th floor lo..haha!

    They should put no mosquitoes allow on the lift door. XD

  8. hmmm…miao you should buy mosquito repellent and placed it in your home. Maybe like antimos product which you can get at any super or hyper market….

    I got the thingy but doesn’t seems to work lol

  9. As I have mentioned to a client of mine,”I can never guarantee you a mosquito-free house.” LOL

    Btw u can buy those strips that stick to the bottom of the door so the gap is smaller. Less dirt and almost no mosquito can get through the gaps. Did this after I found some walking/crawling into my house from under the door.

    Gosh!!! What crawl in??
    Sounds creepy!

  10. Miao~ seriously, are you that funny in real life?! I mean your story is damn funny lah! Super creative.. esp that T-shirt! irrics! hahahahahha

    Honestly…. not at all..
    I’m a super duper boring guy..

  11. Cool!! I stayed at 6th floor and I have the same concern as well… yuan lai this is how they came into my room!!!!

    So we must remove the life then they sure lazy to fly up the stairs d 😛

  12. LOL tis is funny. hahahah
    ur clothe actually is de mosquitoes.

    i think ur blood too sweet wei. tats y they love to bug u

    I think they should award me as the grand blood donater

  13. Maybe the person staying above or below you have water tanks?
    Then mosquito can breed in there XD

    Hahahaa maybe the person has many black shirts XD

  14. bring someone whose blood type is B to your room to attract all the mosquitoes. (just kidding)

    must clear all the possible places that can breed mosquitoes.

    My bloodtype is B 🙁

  15. they will hinggap at ppl then follow until 20th or 21st floor.. if fly i think by 5th floor they will die..

    keep away from dark blue stuff too.. they hide there more than black things..

    Eek! how come they hide on dark blue shirt more?

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