Tofu, the family’s Newest Member

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Weee got myself a new pet!!! πŸ˜€ Its a bunny rabbit!!

And its a white one!! I named it Tofu ( beancurd ) since its white like Tofu!!

Yes, all my pets’ name ends with a fu. XD

So now we have Wafu Pafu and Tofu… ^^

Now I wondering, what I gonna do with my blog name..

Miao and WafuPafuTofu?? or Miao and the FUs??


And today I just found out something…


Remind me not to kiss Tofu. :/







πŸ˜› I haven’t got myself another new Pet but I certainly willΒ  get a Cat or a Bunny for my next pet in future.

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  1. Cat got long noseeeeeee. Ish kena fooled by Miao!! I thought it was really cute too to name your rabbit Tofu! T________T Good one, Miao. haha

    Well thank you hahaha XD

  2. hey i got a bunny too…
    dun worry, bunnies will eat ‘it’ at night, it’s a form of vitamin for them as they aren’t really able to digest the nutrients in their food.
    mine loves corn, carrots, cherry tomatoes and buckwheat!

    Yeah I know XD
    too bad i’m not getting any XD

  3. This entry filed under Announcement, but it’s spelt wrongly.. Is that also part of your April Fool’s scheme? Heh.


    Yeah!!! hahaha

  4. almost everyone thought u didn’t know that rabbits eat their own poops, which’re prank really worked out well. :]

    lol.. the main prank is i didn’t get myself a new pet and many thought i did..

  5. bunny so cute!~ lol y not get a white guinea pig then? hehehehe ^^v

    Don’t want.. πŸ˜›
    I want bunny

  6. tell u something so funny.. i was telling my hubby.. “did u check out Miao’s blog lately? δ»–ε…»δΊ†δΈ€εͺ豆腐。。。

    then i was so engrossed continue reading ur other posts, didn’t notice that I said wrong and keep asking me what i mean Miao breed a Tofu.. wahahha!!

    Wahahahahaha breeding a bean curd…

  7. sooooo cute, funny n loveable n entertaining n relatable n a lot of other pleasant words i can’t even other words: i love miao n wafupafu..hehe

    Tenkiuuuu πŸ˜€

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  9. rabbit? yes…their cuteness is thee weapon tricking u.I HAVE 3 bunnies and these rascals shit like machine gun everyday.Just a small tips if u insist of having pet bunny . Get a short fur wan =_=’ and smallest as possible.

    hahah why so? long fur like cuter right?

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