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  1. seems ulcer is your common guest already XD

    make sure you keep hygiene always in your mouth =) drink a lot of hot water, it will kill bacteria in its ulcer

    Hard ler.. when brush teeth also pain T_T

  2. put salt! Haha! That’s what ppl always tell me when I have ulcer but I never dare to put.. got ppl say paste vitamin c on it and it will heal very fast. never try b4 also so dunno.

    I always heard that too but i don’t that @@

  3. ulcer is seriously on my enemies list 🙁
    I just healed from them. It seriously butt-kicking since when I had ulcer my mom cooked tom yam.. erghhhhhhhh.. that is my fav 🙁

    Wahhh that sucks…

  4. I have an ulcer too!
    Had it for 3 days, worse pain ever!
    My dad says eating vitamin B complex & vitamin E helps.. been eating it everyday..
    Been eating Nasi Lemak almost everyday too..
    Cannot help it I am Malaysian.
    Hope yours get better soon.

    I Can’t Sew

    3 days.. wah you heal pretty fast

  5. drink water + salt, i do get ulcer few times every 3 month.. due to hot climate.. anyway, i did it drink water + salt, for 2 days and the ulcer gone. 🙂

    2 days and gone?! even faster thatn cheryn..
    Mine always came when I’m busy and drink less water

  6. lol…miao. i also have the ulcer problem since i am very young…
    my greatest record is having 12 ulcers in same time… haha that time i cant eat anything, and just barely able to “drink” porridge everyday… 🙁

    And now i having an ulcer under the tendon that attached with my tongue, the pain is unimaginable, you will feel pain even you try to speak but somehow i get used to it already…. haha

    put salt always the good way to heal it but… the pain just feels like being torture…

    Wahhh 12 at the same time @@
    can die 1..
    2 is the max for me.. and the most i heard is 3 .. but 3 @@

  7. Drink more leong sui or herbal tea. Try to clean/wipe away (using damp cotton bud) the top whitish layer on the ulcer, then put the “watermelon powder” on it, will help quicken the healing. Works for me last time, hehe… Hope you’ll get well soon 🙂

    I sprayed it with watermelon frost yesterday, and gosh the first minute, it was painful @@

  8. Poor thing………. try to apply some oral aid, it’ll definately help. 🙂

    Get well soon and don’t eat too many 熱氣 food!!

    🙁 a lot of stuffs cannot eat

  9. eh miao, you used back the Cheri font. O:

    Yep. Trying to find something to replace it later..
    Sometimes the new fond kinda hard to read so i change back

  10. ulcer just recover..u may try to put some salt on it..but i sure u will scream like hell..haha.. btw..u can try 西瓜霜..chinese tradition medcine..

    I don’t dare to try salt XD
    I did use the watermelon frost .. it stings at first too

  11. put 1 vitamin C tablet over the ulcer and wait it melt. after the vitamin C melt, ulcer will be gone. give it a try!

    Okay will try that next time!! 😀

  12. sob….I think 2 ulser just pop out again,and my family just enjoy torturing me they eat delicious food in front of me like spice BBQ fish….NOOOO(scream in agony)that was my fav food (cries)

    Wahh they are so mean XD

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