Signal doesn’t makes you invincible!

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Imba Signal

It was a busy and fast lane and this fella actually stopped to drop off his friend. Although he did put up the signal but he should have pulled to the side too instead of just stopped right in the middle and also not so suddenly.

Some more, it was dark and there were many cars behind me…

Imba Signal -2

imba signal-3

…but thanked God I was able to avoid it with a bit of luck

and not getting my wife kissed by anyone.

Imba Signal - 4

Do not try this at home on the road. 😛

I’m not the best driver but sometimes some drivers can really be very unthoughtful and inconsiderate.

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  1. ya lor…some drivers memang that inconsiderate 1 = =”
    by the way, Miaw Tofu Shop = Miaw Rabbit Shop? XD (since ur pet rabbit is named Tofu =p)

    but the tofu is not real

  2. I know the feeling.. yesterday there was one driver who just suddenly stop at the main road to see an accident.. and i was drving behind him.. apa pulak!! I just hon him kao kao.. @@#?!!

    That one really need to honk 99..

  3. hahahaha..~!!i love the way u act miao..~!
    some people got no brain to stop in the car on the road juz to drop friend~!!

    😛 hehe thanks

  4. Wahlow miao abunai desu! Dangerous!!! It’s like the other day I saw this fellow driving his/her way to the bz traffic, sot

    Driving the way to the bz traffic? what he/she did there?

  5. love ur initial D…ya, i hate the unconsiderate driver as well…i saw two cars stop by in the middle of the road with the car opposite to each other and “sembang”…the whole traffic jammed are waiting for them, I honk like king’s wedding day la, apa lagi…they feel annoyed….then my brother canot tahan and wind down the window and teased that fellow “Nak sembang, pi kedai kopi laaaa…sembang tengah jalan nanti minum kopi kat balai polis.” wind up the window screen and shout “STUPID F word”… ==”

    O.o Next time drive a tank and langgar terus

  6. what is imba?…
    yer, i know d stopping in d side of d road… my bf always ask me 2 do dat wen dropping him off… n den i will scold him kao kao… it’s dangerous… walk a bit further won’t die un… 😛
    love ur initial D reference… u really “seep” liddat ka??? o.O

    Hahaha no lar.. i didn’t do the drifting XD
    just draw it for fun

  7. try thinking da idea of using perodua kembara 2 driff~~~ XDDDD

    thank god it haven roll over~ X3

    Wahh sure roll like a london swiss roll @@

  8. hahaha miao… if in real world the water will spilled in your car liao hahahaha.

    anyway i do agree that more imbeciles scour the road nowadays… even stop at the right lane to drop off their sons/doughters for school =.= (the school is at the other side of the road…) and there is some of them even drive 30-40km/j at the right lane… even miao cycle on his bike faster than him right miao? hahahaha

    If its in real life.. I don’t even know how to drift 😛

  9. good thing you are safe or else i afraid on the next post miow will have a pair of wing on his back yikes

    Hahaha you won’t see any miao because no one gonna draw them d.

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