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  1. I had the same experience last week. Was too tired from doing project, and I close my eyes for few minutes while sitting on my chair… accidentally fell asleep.

    *loud snore*

    I woke myself O.O and looked around.

    Hahaha.. I also did that before.. work till fall asleep XD

  2. terkejut by own snore…i do got that once a bluemoon…lolx

    Most of the time just sleep straight and ignore the snores? XD

  3. LOL’ed, Happen to me also. Almost everyday. Sometimes 2 times a day. The funny thing is, I told about this to my friend before I read this, and she’s and avid reader of your blog. Surely she thinks that I copy from you.

    Wahh twice a day? one during nap and one at night?

  4. lols means u r too tired edi gua… at least u can hear ur own snores…my dad snores dam loud and he still can sleep 1 lols

    Wahahha i can’t sleep with people who snores 😛
    even its me

  5. No lah, night sleep. the second one happen after the first one . err, what is the word eh?

    Ehh.. can’t think of that word..

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