Mario Got into my House?

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Magic Thief

Magic Thief-1

Magic Thief-2

Magic Thief-3

Seriously, I really have no idea how he got in my house, took my stuffs, put them on the front door, got out and went back for them. :/

I’m staying on the 5th floor, the balcony fence was locked, the front door and fence was locked, the rooms were all locked, and the only available opening without a fence is a small window in my kitchen but the window lead to an air well straight to the ground floor.

Unless.. unless..

Magic Thief-4

He’s Mario.

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  1. lol think u should watch the movie call ‘case 39’…. and lock your doors like that hahahahaha XP

    p/s: hmmm… was thinking… the bathroom/toilet got window? O_o if yes isit facing the balcony?…. last time i do hear some stories that they enter the house from the bathroom/toilet window…

    The window too small for a person to get in..
    Some more it faced the airwell same like the kitchen window.

  2. just saw your blog today, love your illustrations!!
    the mario part made me laugh. keep it up! 🙂

    Welcome and thank you trixie 😀

  3. a new reader, just stumble upon this. reading all that i can. sorry for the very late response to your post.

    BUT. did u consider of the thief planting hidden cameras inside ur home? then maybe its not too weird that he didn’t steal much coz what he want is not stealing. r u a spy from some country? or this country hero a.k.a. super miao?
    man i love to conspire XD

    hahahahaha you watch too many movies!! XD

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