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After I told my house owner the incident, he told me he gonna change the lock and install an anti theft system to the house. From what I’m seeing it, it’s way out of what I’m expecting for… :/

He removed the built in lock on the door and replace with a big chain and a big lock.. :/ The Anti Theft System doesn’t look so system to me… =.=

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  1. kiamsap but very funny used of words. ‘anti theft system’ lol!!
    btw, deadly hamster work for your door room miao. =P put it up!

    Yealo! I was shocked when he told me that.. I was like awesome.. but ended up :/ seeing the chain and the lock

  2. wahahaha, i want that signage…so cool n geng!

    ur house owner is a lil retarded…taktau ada apa dalam otak dia~!

    Hahaha I will make one one day 😀
    I have no idea too

  3. the sign might work 🙂
    alternatively. you can install alarm system. might be safer.

    Hahaha.. you tell that to my owner..
    he might ended up putting up something funny

  4. At least he didn’t glue the door shut! Hahahahaha….

    FYI – No matter how good/strong the lock, there are ways of getting thru any door.

    Like what they always say… there’s a way when there’s a will

  5. Lol, what a nice term, “anti-theft system” for a lock.
    Maybe should ask him to install a “biometric access control”, fingerprint + voice recognition. ;P

    He might give me an ink pad and a paper. :/ for my fingerprint..

  6. u shud tell ur hse owner… one snip from them huge ass scissors thingy habis… this is even worse then d previous option

    Worse right?

  7. Hahaha your house owner’s definition on anti theft system is memang unique. i think he shouldnt remove the built in lock
    by then he can tell you double security door is installed xD

    Really unique..
    I was thinking of something high tech :/

  8. Wouldn’t that be a terrible backfire if someone were chasing you and you needed to get into the house ASAP? >,”<

    PS: The hamster sign is cute though. XD

  9. neh… install those security camera (fake one). put one AA battery and the LED will blink blink blink. Looks like real security camera tu. My dad bought his for RM10.. Made in China one.

  10. …….. Kyahahahha!!! XD so funny!!! well~ at least the thief needs a strong metal-chain-cutter-thingy now~ =3

    oh! and the sign is cute! =3

    Maybe can keeps lazy thief away..

  11. LOL! The sign is cute! ♥ But probably won’t work, unless the thief is *gasp* nuts/hamster food. >D

    It will if I trained my ghost hamsters to kill XD

  12. Miao pls start selling card stickers. You sell that beware of deadly hamsters sure can make money

    Really? Hmm.. then maybe i should plan something up

  13. o.o|||
    big chain +big lock still dangerous leh….
    now days thief can breack the chain n lock using chainsaw…….

    I think they can just pick the lock and open it :/

  14. connect your door knob/grill know to a electric source or something :3 LOL XD

    LOL.. you just gave me an idea how to kill my housemate XD

  15. Pfft~~~ It’s gonna take you longer time now to lock the gate. XD
    Yay for the beware of hamster sign…! Where can I get one? XD

    And easier to get rob before finish locking the gate up :/
    Here.. in’s soon to come store 😛

  16. hoho..
    some anti theft system that is..

    maybe u should hide the stuff in your rooms now instead of leaving out in the open..

    Yea.. I think I should..

  17. u should spill some blood on the front door’s floor and leave some hamsters’ footprints
    that will keep the thefts away! haha

    XD Nice idea!

  18. more to ‘sistem menyusahkan’ then ‘anti-theft system’ to me hahahahaha

    p/s : put up the wafupafu gang sign! so cute!!

    It’s so troublesome to open/close the gate..

  19. lol maybe u should try putting up ur type of anti-theft system… putting up web-camera… put a huge calculator near the door…. :p hahahahaha

    p/s: seriously… the sign is cute… send me a copy plsss~~~ XD

    Hahaha seriously want a copy of it?

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  21. Hey Miao, a very interesting blog there! I’m falling in love with it! *heart* brings back some good ‘ol childhood memories to me 🙂

    Thanks Zoe!! 😀

  22. Hey, I think you should start looking for investor and merchandise your design. The Deadly Hamster is really not bad. Can print on T-shirt or a do not disturb sign.

    Where to find T3T

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