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  2. ya… i also hate those that keep asking me question on what will happen next…. and worse part is… she’s my mom…. huhuhuhu T-T end up buying the dvd for the movie to watch it again… and when watching the movie again on dvd… my mom will be the psychic… which every of her pridictions is true lol wooo~ hahaha poor me…

    Lol.. i know bout those.. as though, you watch the movie before and know everything XD

  3. you went to watch Ironman 2 right? You sure are a Lucky One.. It was funny that you sat in the middle while the “Interesting” ones were all around you.

    Damn lucky i tell you T3T

  4. Hahahah……… lovely drawing as usual.

    btw you gotta stop making those images clickable laaa. 😀

    Yes sir!
    I will make it unclickable.

  5. haa… that was funny, and i think i’m one of the white people in the cinema when i watch a movie in cinema…. hee….

    Which one? 😀

  6. I hate those people very much!!!
    Why don’t they buy a whole theater for their habits?
    And stop annoying others…

    They should go to a DVD room 😛

  7. I went to how to trainyour dragon the other day annnnnnnd i felt soooo cool being the oldest one there welll other than my mom lmao

    Hahahaha XD
    The other day I went..quite a lot of oldies

  8. Oh I encountered a narator that day^^ got so irritated I actually told him, ” I have my own eyes to see so stop narrating”

    Another time was when a BF kept explaining about medusa n greek mythology to his GF DURING THE SHOW! -_-”

    Stuff popcorns in their mouth XD

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