You know Miao is Pek Chek when..

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Pek Chek = Irritated..

My senior and I have this weird habit of talking to ourselves (more like mumbling) whenever we’re “Pek Chek” at work. We will be doing our work and mumbling at the same time XD. Sometimes it may seems like we’re talking to each other but we’re actually simply complaining and mumbling on ourselves. Hahaha…

Hmm.. comes to think of it.. am I the only weird one here doing something like this. :/

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  1. No. You are not alone. I’m doing this too. Try to imagine that I’m sitting in a room all by myself and suddenly I exclaimed ‘Oh NO!!!!!’. My colleagues just laughed at me and thought that I was weird. >.<

    Wahhh Five!!!

  2. hey, me too! but when I’m in public I try not to LOL sometimes at home when I talk to myself, my jiejie outside my room. OMG LOL

    Bwahahaha your sis sure thinks her brother insane d XD

  3. bittergirl style again?

    hahaha nevermind, we do understand how stressful you are….talking on its own is not bad thing…hehehe but try not to talk so much..Otherwise ppl will think u have mental prob di

    Yeah.. sometimes an image is enough 😛 to express

  4. Hahaha… Sometimes I have the tendency to talk to myself when I’m thinking. Maybe this is what they called, thinking aloud. Hehe..

    That’s really aloud XD

  5. I do that quite a lot too… LOL
    My dad does it with hand actions as well. Ahahahahahahaha…
    I inherited the behaviour from him minus hand action.

    Bwahahaha it’s in the gene XD
    same with me

  6. i wil do so as well. especially when there is smt that i need to have deep thought. i will read or talk while i m reading those article

    I see I see..
    In my case, I will do the most when I’m doing my revision 😀

  7. cute yet weird but it’s a good theraphy! like to do dat oso. (=^.^=)v

    Hahaha Very weird indeed..
    doing wrongly might end up crazy in the eyes of others

  8. Me three!!
    I do this, especially during mid nite, while I’m still struggling accomplishing hills of assignments & reports.

    My mom surely think I kena rasuk. Haha…

    Hahaha.. she might thinks you having study stress XD

  9. haha. mumbling or monologue happen to be one of creative people habit lah. here (our studio), EVERYBODY talk to themself or even to the their/our own eMac. it’s a way to dance with the beat of work/flow kinda

    O.o really?
    That’s mean I’m creative T3T *touched*

    A studio where everyone talk to themselves O.o
    it would be very funny XD

  10. No, you are not the only one. I do that all the time. My housemates and roommate got used to it eventually. (Because they used to answer me even though I wasn’t talking to them…) XD

    Don’t worry it’s a sign of creative 😀

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  12. i tot dat onie happened wit ppl working in accounts line… kakaka… but yea… i do it too… altho not dat often now… no longer in accounts ma… 😛

    hahaha I think most employees having this issue

  13. dont worry, u r not 😉 … my previous roommate was like tat lols but instead of mumbling, he was cursing lols

    Wahahaha cursing
    😛 I do that sometimes…okay a lot wahahaha

  14. This is normal ar..i always mumbling whn i pek chek..until my rommie ignore me..hahaha~

    Hahaaha.. my colleague starts to ignore me too XD

  15. Recently I become like that also.. I feel fun talking to myself -_- I talk something funny then I laugh. Usually happens when I am driving only la.

    My car no radio bah that’s why.

    No wonder..
    but then sometimes I think of something funny.. I will giggle myself too xD

  16. haha u’re not alone!!! I do this at work when I’m frustrated, irritated or plain angry~:p

    Bwahaha you too XD

  17. waaahhh! me too! me too!! i love doing that..and sometimes my colleges mad on me. she says “what are u talking about? like a crazy person..” anyway! WHO CARES?? “Ada aku kesah?”

    hahahaha five!! 😀

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