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A month ago, the 15th of May marks the 3rd year of my blogging life which also makes Miao a 3 years old cartoon cat!! Although, his look changes over the years but still he’s the same cat with orange fur and red stripes!! Kakaka!!


While digging my old artworks, I found this comic strip in the folder, miao’s very first comic strip. XD

Hahahaha…not very nice looking right? Sorry about that 😛


Anyway, I would like to thank all of you for all the supports all this time. May it be those who followed my blog since the beginning or just follows, those who leave messages/comments or those silent readers out there; every one of  your actions and visits now and then keeps my little blog alive. 🙂

Thank you. I will try to bring more of Miao and WafuPafu to you all. 😀

Click “Read the rest of this entry”  if you wanna see a compilation of my banners over these years 🙂

And again, Thank you 🙂

Comments 78

  1. did you have plastic surgery miao? HAHHAHAH
    when i 1st read your blog, it was the sun miao kong theme 🙂

    How you stumbled on my site 1?

  2. I love your short strips! Will you ever migrate your older strips over?

    Too bad.. I will left them over at my old site and it’s no longer accessible ^^”

  3. Happy Anniversary! Keep up your great work miao!
    I will always support you~ weee
    draw draw draw~
    you inspire me to draw more!

    Cheers =)

    Thanks man!!
    And draw more!! ^^

  4. Hi Jian,

    I started reading in 2008 (Sun Miao Kong). Was introduced to your blog when I was doing my internship. It’s not easy to maintain a blog, further more a drawing blog. We really enjoyed reading you blog, so do keep up the good work!!



    We?? you and…?
    By the way, thank you for the support!!!!
    Aiks.. Japanese.. *looking through my dictionary*

  5. hahah talk about this I think I got to know u through Jason’s blog, that time u guest-post. 😀
    interesting to see u used to use LCD monitor, then back to CRT, laptop and now CRT again hah.

    If it wasn’t for him, I doubt I can blog so long haha XD

  6. Times flies right? Maybe 10 years from now, Miao comic style will be all featured in space suit. HAHAHA! 😀

    That would be awesomeEEEE hahahah XD

  7. waw 3 years 🙂
    i really love ur blog
    can’t wait for new comic strip

    3 years lalalala ^^

  8. em im not sure also. it’s so long ago i can’t really remember =)

    Hahahha XD
    wahh so long…
    a big thank you to you first ^^

  9. i trying to login to earlier posts under akiroceo.blogspot..but fail 🙁
    any way i could go in…miao?? i love ur comics blog so much…

    There’s no one to login 😀
    I closed it down.. hehhehe

  10. i try to login ur earlier post under akiroceo.blogspot but failed 🙁
    any way i could login?? i love ur comics blog so much….

  11. i admit i’m a silent reader. anyway, nice cute blog and… me & ur blog having the same bday. lolx! happy belated bday! And keep up the good work.
    oh ya, i hate cats coz they always come and shit and pee in my garden. aargh…but dont worry i dun hate Miao.

    Phew.. thank god you don’t hate Miao..

    Those cats do not represent all cats and those that are cute 😛
    Please don’t hate them… 😛

  12. 2007 till now: u (ur character) r getting bigger
    *its impolite 2 say fatter


    Nevermind. I admit it’s getting fatter XD

  13. Omg you’re in lowyat? *stalks* XD

    Oh, and happy 3rd anniversary! I super love your chibi Miao now. Gain weight after 3 years! hehe…

    I seldom hang out over there nowadays 😛

  14. 😀 don’t rem how or when I got into your site, but I know is during the black rockman *doink* banner time~! 😀
    I love how you can communicate ur ideas through to your audience just by a few sketch. 😀 I introduced ur blog to a friend n she used your wallpaperon her mobile theme!

    Good job you!!

    Woahhh thank you so much !!!! 😀

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